A history of my Best Friends

27 Aug
After the first one did not get much popularity it deserved, here is another piece of my life. A little history and description of all the Best Friends I had…

Before reaching my teenage, I trusted people so easily. I never thought in depth or appraised a person. The person who had been close to me for around 6 months, I ended up sharing all my secrets with him. Another reason for it is that I had no other siblings that time.

As described earlier, the person who had been close to me was regarded as my best friend. The first person so close to me was my classmate, Shayan. He was just an inch or two taller than me and I always used to argue with him on height, so that I can stand behind him in the assembly line. When my parents adopted my bro, I was told that it should be kept as a secret. Shayan was the first person to know that my brother has been adopted. From then on, our friendship had taken a step towards the next level. We were so close to each other, sharing our lunch, being together every time in recess, and I always favored him whenever I was appointed monitor of the class. Because we both had short heights, our classmates named us ‘Chunni Munni’. It continued to be the same way when I was transferred to another section, and then we were reunited again in the 9th class. But that didn’t last long, I had to leave my school, I had to leave my childhood school for O levels. Leaving the school created the communication gap between us and we never talked after it.

During this friendship, another person close to me, was a cousin of mine, Bilal. Every time we met, we used to sit alone from our families and discuss our issues, whether they were about girls or family problems. We used to make plans about how to insult our other cousins and discussed what they said against us in private to any one of us. He was the first one to know about my first ever crush. He used to tell me everything about the girl he liked, her other friends and asked for my advice whenever he had some problems with that girl. It was all going too well as we reached first stage of our mature life, when one day he stole my mom’s cell phone. From that day onwards and up till now, we haven’t yet spoken a word to each other.

Well all that happened when I was in my childhood school, as I changed it to do my O levels, I was all alone once again. My brother wasn’t old enough to be told secrets or be used as an advisor. It took me some days to adjust at the new school, but by the end of first year, I made three good friends, Saad (Taxi)*, Osama (Chaddi)* and Shahool (Irshaad)* 
By the mid of second year, me and Shahool became close friends as I helped him talk to his crush and start their REAL friendship, but then some arguments arose between us and we were just classmates once again. During that period, I took tuition with Saad, we used to stay up all night on phone discussing questions during exam days. We had same majors, and thanks to my school’s incapability, I had to take up the same optional as his, so we made our Computer project together. During those days, I regularly visited his place, and as usual,I started telling him all my secrets and in return, he did his. I still remember a thing he told only to me about his relationship. But what I realised on the last day of our exams is that he always used me for his benefit. He used me to take tuition cheaply, he used me as a convenience to the exam center, and I was always trusting him and thinking that he is a nice and kind guy…

After my O levels, I completely switched over from studying Pre engineering to Accounts, i.e. ACCA. For that I took up admission in Tabani’s School of Accountancy, and there I met this guy.
Introducing Akhtar Ali ๐Ÿ™‚

We met on the second day of our class, and our friendship started because of sports. He is an Arsenal fan, I support Manchester United, he was a fan of Lewis Hamilton, I used to like Ferrari. Three to four months later, we were merged with another section and had a crush on the same girl. Within 6 months, a bond was created between us. He was usually late for class, so I had to reserve a seat for him. We were separated for about an year because we took different study options but we continued to stay in touch through SMS, mainly because of Football. One year later, on the 2nd day of Eid ul Fitr, I recieved the magical words ‘You are officially my best friend’ from him. Our hearts were broken on the same day, but from then on, our relationship moved to the next level. We (especially me) have completely removed the words ‘mutual respect’ from our dictionaries. If it wasn’t Ramazan, I would have shared the words we use to thank each other if ever needed. Any debt between us is settled by a treat. And for the last year, when we again started taking our classes together, it had been awesome. Cant remember how many ugly pics we took of each other. The best thing he ever told me to do was ‘Hey, Hi. mein AUS mein parhti hoon’. I have never liked some of the girls he is still talking to, and nearly had a fight with one of them last week. These lines are dedicated to him

Kehne ko har sitam zindagi mein imtehan hota hai
Jis ka tujh jaisa yaar ho, woh naseeb wala kehlata hai

But I don’t know what I was thinking when I introduced him to a person(discussed later). Ever since that introduction, I have been sandwiched between them. Akhter accuses me of favoring THAT PERSON whenever they had any fight or argument and because of it, our friendship has been tampered a bit.

Anyone still reading might be curious about THAT PERSON, without any further delay, that person is named Siham. She is my ‘door ki’ cousin and lives in Sharjah. She is yet to approve me as her best friend, and I think I know the reason why. It might be because her other best friends do not like me a bit and she just wont like to hurt or embarrass them in any way possible. It all started a little less than 2 years ago, trying to kick out boredom in our chat one day, I proposed an idea of the ‘Truth or Dare’ game. Obviously, you cant perform dares on internet, so we both started to reveal our things, and at one point I revealed almost everything about me. Since that day, I have started calling her my best friend and is being consistently disrespected. That’s what she is like, never takes any one sweetly other than her best friends, but I have no problem with that.

Hamesha huay mujh ko dekh kar barham…
Kisi din zara muskura ker to dekho

The thing is that I know how much sweet she is from inside and I believe that some day she has cared for me even if it would have been only 0.1%. Anyways, I’m hoping to recieve an official declaration from her declaring me as her best friend this Eid, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks for reading such a long and boring blog, I’ll make sure the next one will bore you more than ever ๐Ÿ™‚

Exclusive update as on 30th September 2011: After taking so much of Siham’s rude behavior, I have finally kicked her from my contacts and MashaAllah my relations with Akhtar are back on track once again ๐Ÿ™‚

*(represents their nicks).
P.S. Pardon me for the English grammatical mistakes, I’m not so good at writing such long things and even at English itself.


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2 responses to “A history of my Best Friends

  1. qtluvbug

    August 28, 2011 at 3:45 AM

    Internet not a very good place to post private life use wordpress and put this kinda info behind the wall.

  2. ZainBinImran

    August 28, 2011 at 12:58 PM

    Thanks for the advice buddy but I dont think my private life is of such importance that people can use it for wrong reasons


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