100 Facts about me: Part 1

05 Dec
Looking at the Twitter hashtags for facts about, I decided to share those in a blog and just increase the amount of my meaningless posts. So here’s the first one of the series, Facts 1-20.

  1. I’m a Proud Muslim πŸ™‚
  2. Patriotic Pakistani πŸ™‚
  3. I use a lot of Smileys.
  4. Proud to be a nerd 8-|
  5. I don’t have any biological siblings πŸ˜₯
  6. I LOVE Mathematics (weird, isn’t it?)
  7. I’ve a tiny part of my left ear cut, a broken knee and a broken little finger.
  8. I had my first crush at the age of 10 :p
  9. I’m Fat and courageous enough to accept it πŸ™‚
  10. My meal is incomplete without any type of MEAT #Carnivorous
  11. Chocolate is my life. Can’t live without it #Chocoholic
  12. Love and supports Manchester United Football Club
  13. Always wanted to be a Pilot and fly an Airforce Jet, now completing ACCA with not so many flying colours πŸ˜›
  14. Not a good teacher
  15. Pathetic singer πŸ˜€
  16. Can’t flirt (Confused about whether to be happy for that or is it my limitation)
  17. Never been into a relationship. Forever single (H)
  18. I never smoke (not even Sheesha) and never had a single Chhaliya.
  19. Cricket fanatic, Leg Spin bowler and a reliable Batsman.
  20. I love cooking. Perfect at doing household chores, babysitting etc πŸ˜›

That is all with the first part, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks’ time after my exams. Please pray for me πŸ™‚

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Posted by on December 5, 2011 in Random


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