27 Dec
I don’t really support any particular political party but it is a fact that I’d like to see anyone else other than Zardari in the President’s office.Everyone is well aware of the decade long dictatorships in the history of Pakistani politics and I liked Musharraf’s tenure. Though, he lost it near the end, the Lal Masjid operation and issues with judiciary, but it was in his tenure that Pakistan started to develop. The CNG sector, telecommunication sector, development of Electronic Media and everything else.

It was Musharraf’s idea of local bodies which revived Karachi. Mustafa Kamal surely deserve all the respect for the way he has made Karachi what it is today. The infrastructure he has provided, all the signal free corridors, the way he worked all night during the monsoon season, jobs he provided to Karahites and there are many more things to be described, for which he deserves respect.ย Karachi Tipsย explains it like this.

Back to the politics, MQM lost all the respect I had for them after they became part of the current government. Moreover, their resignations from the cabinet and then taking them back after a couple of months has made me flush all the respect I had for them.

Everyone today has been speaking of the change. The change can only happen if only fair elections are held.
As per my recent experience and what I heard, when my father voted last time, a person was standing beside the ballot box, advising him to mark the stamp on a certain box. While Musharraf held theย referendum, my brother who was just around 5 years old, voted too.

To wrap it up, we’ve been tired of seeing these familiar faces again and again. We need change now, and for the change, we, the youth, are supporting Imran Khan all the way. It was Immy K who won Pakistan the Cricket WorldCup for the first time, now it’ll be Immy K to rescue Pakistan from these corrupt and criminal rulers. Imran Khan FTW.

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  1. feznelson

    December 27, 2011 at 2:00 PM

    Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ – Hussain Ali


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