Dream Girl

29 Dec
Kabhi to milay gi, kahin to milay gi, aaj nahin to kal, Dream Girl !!!

Just for the time pass. This post may cross all the limits of lameness, so please keep your feelings inside yourself, I’d not like to be on their receiving end πŸ˜€

As the title says, the post describes my dream girl. The features are set out below :
  1. Waist long hair FTW.
  2. Passion for education/studies. The girl who has been a high achiever in her school is the one in my dreams.
  3. Wears Hijab ❀
  4. Foodie. If she’s a good cook, we’ll make a great couple because I like cooking too.
  5. A girl who likes to be simple. The girl who’s happy without makeup. (As a matter of fact, no girl in this world is happy without makeup :p). Girl who does what she wants.
  6. Girl who can do shopping very fast. I hate it when I have to just roam around in the mall for hours and comes home without even a single bag.
  7. Colour: I don’t like milky, colourless blondes. Chocolaty colour FTW.
  8. A girl who’s cosy, isn’t too much possessive.
  9. The girl who’s into the melodious music of 90s and 80s.

There were so many things but they’re not coming in my mind at the moment.

Now you’re allowed to call me Chhichhora, maila, flirt, despo, no lifer or whatever, I won’t care. It was just for some fun and time pass
p.s. Ladies, do fill that form πŸ˜‰
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