Randomness redefined !!!

30 Dec
This pic is mistaken, I don’t have such biceps :p
That white thing is my Persian cat ♥

As the title says, this post is totally random. Main purpose behind this post is to show how I spend my time at home, in pyjamas or shorts.

I have been criticised many times and by many people about my dressing or fashion sense. I have a simple reply to it. I don’t care about fashion or dressing, I just like myself the way I am. Its all easy for me in trousers and shorts. I wear jeans very less, mostly while going for classes or special gatherings. I’ve been criticised about colour combinations, I still don’t care about it. I just take out a shirt, wear it and go out. Never ever think about it twice. Hairstyle, I’ve been fond of long hair always. Because of school and other restrictions, never had long hair but I did manage to grow them till my collar in June. And now, as you can see, my hair always remain messy or disturbed. Whenever I have to go out, I just put up my United cap and it all settles well.

I never liked wearing watches, bands or stuff. Cell phones made it easy for time checking, so the excuse for watch remained no more. People spend so much money on perfumes or deodorants, I wear them once in a blue moon, mostly when I’m going for a wedding or special gathering with friends. I know some people (guys) who spend so much on facials, beauty products and spend hours in salons, I don’t care about oddly grown facial here or as said earlier, messy hairstyle.

Moving on to food, I’m a foodie but at times, I’ve strange taste. I don’t like ketchup, mayonnaise or other sauces. When it comes to burgers or fried chicken, I like the original thing, I don’t go for extras. I can have chocolate with anything. Just two days ago I was laughed at after I said that I’ll be having Zinger with Hot Chocolate. My meal is incomplete without meat, any type of meat and when I’ve nothing to eat ( what I like), I just half-fry an egg and have it with bread. my day is incomplete if I don’t have an egg.

Like me or not, I might remain like this forever.

I am what I am and I’m proud of what I am !! Problem?! Leave.

With all these weird facts about me, I’m proud of myself for the fact that I’ve never had a cigarette or a single puff of shisha. I’ve never had a single chhaliya or other bad stuff such as Gutka.

According to the title, I think mischief has been managed :p

p.s. Happy New Year 🙂

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