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Good ol days

Aaahhhh….. That moment after months, it feels like a new life has been granted… Wait wait…. Not to me, to my MSN :p It was never like it was before, I had missed those smileys and the most important of them all, chatting 😀

Well I’m the only one to blame for this miss because I created this awkward gap for a reason and I think I’ve finally managed what I wanted to do. As they say,  you never get something without losing something, I lost those night full of chatting 😦

All those awkward disagreements, some memories were shared, music, movies, TV shows, friends, life, education, pictures, copied jokes, accusations of boredom, food, cricket ,those chats had every thing, EVERY SINGLE THING was a part of our chat !!! And why not, she is my best friend ( I know she’ll puke while reading it). I wish I get those days back when near Bakra Eid, I had some awesome moments of my life and the day we both were included in KarachiTips Blog team, the hard fought matches that Pakistan won against Sri Lanka, it’d have been such fun sharing and discussing all that with her.

Enough of those sentimental sentences, well it resumed last night, not quite the way it used to be. It’ll take some time though. But it was great, having to wait for the reply, some disagreements and some serious talks, deliberately failing to understand other’s point, it was like breathing in fresh air after hiding inside a cave for years. Zyada hogaya thora and I think I became senti again 😛

To wrap it up, she said yesterday that it isn’t that we should start talking like before, there should be some special occasion. Kyun na I make every single night a special occasion? 😉

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Aanties 2

After the massive *cough* success of Aanties wala article, we thought that there should be more because we missed some of them. Here are the new ones, which you can find easily around your mohalla/galli.

First of the lot are the kamayti waali anntiyan. They can be found in every mohalla and they have the knowledge of who’s the richest in the galli. She’ll try to get in that house and with some lallo chappo, woh aapko kamayti daalne pe majboor kardain gi. She’ll get knowledge of your relatives and will ask them to contribute in it too with offers like ‘aadhi aap daal lain, aadhi koi aur le le ga’ and ‘aap ko doosra number dedoon gi, bas yeh members pooray kara dain’

Next up, there are the udhaar maangne wali. Mostly, they are also found in every locality. She’ll come every month/week to your doorstep and moan about the inflation, recession and the political situation. Between the talks, she’ll start talking about her bad financial position and will ask you to lend Rs. 500 or 1000 (at least) for a week, claiming that she’ll return as soon as her spouse/brother will get his salary. For amounts less than 500, they are never counted as udhaar and as a matter of fact, ab apne paison per aap fateha parh lo, the return date never comes. Trust me.

Thirdly, there are the braggers. She’ll brag about every single thing she buys or she gets as a gift, even if its a Lota. She’ll praise it so much so that you will be convinced that it has no other substitute. She’ll brag about her clothes, accessories, appliances and will try to make an issue out of anything. She’ll brag about her kids’ academic results and activities. ‘Haaye Allah, mera Pappu first aaya hai, top kara hai school mein. Aur Chunnu bhi peechhe nahin hai, bilkul apne bhai k jaisa hai. Aray haan, mere bhai ne bahar se Camera bheja hai, iss se achha to aur kahin hoga he nahin. Allah, itni saari tasveerain aati hain iss mein. Yeh meri tasweer dekho. Buhut achhi hai na?’ And that picture will have nothing, just tons of makeup on a painted pastry of an aanti.

Anyone remember that old Butterscotch ad, well we have our very own “Chalti jaaye’ aanties. She’ll never ever get tired of talking. Be it her susraal, maika, mohalla or family matter, she’ll just talk and talk like a never ending tape. If you’ll try to add your bit in it, she’ll never let you finish, cut you in mid sentence and start all over. She’ll change the topic in an instant and you’ll never be able to get how the conversation suddenly changed

With modern day innovations, some technological aanties have appeared too. They don’t harm you in any sense but they are up to date on the new gadgets and stuff. Be it a laptop, iPod or smart phones, she is always updated on them and will be seen with possession of latest gadgets where on the other hand, there are majority of aanties who don’t even know how to move the mouse icon. And you may also find the wannabe techno-wiz aanties. They call iPhones, the ‘iPod jaisa touch kerne wala phone.

Then comes the superstitious/wehmi aantiyaan. She’ll bring the cheap superstitions in almost everything you do. Kaali billi jin hoti hai, uss se door rehna !! Chaurahay (Roundabout) k paas se mat guzarna. Ganda andaa para hua hai, kisi ne kuchh kara hua hoga, iss per se phalaangna mat. Haven’t we all heard similar things from some aanties sometime in our life? The stupid Indian channels have increased the number of superstitions too.

There are also taanay maarne wali aantiyaan. She’ll scold you or anyone else every time she’ll talk about them and will go like ‘Haaye kumbakhat, keeray parain manhoos ko. Apne kaam se kaam nahin rakh sakti, jahannum mein jaayen. Aik shahkhs bhi shareef nahin hai in k ghar mein, pata nahin kis mitti k banay hain’.On the other hand, there are phadday wali aanties also. She is the aanti whom the whole mohalla fears, specially the kirkiter bachchay. They fear to hit the ball in her balcony or at windows. Kisi shaitan se kum nahin hotin yaar, becharay bachchon ki ball le leti hain. She also holds grudges against some people in the neighbourhood and are never on good terms with them or even their children. Make sure you are NEVER on their bad side.

Enough of these evils, there are also some aanties within us who work for the betterment of others around her. For example, tuitions wali aanty. They might not be well educated themselves but her house is always full of students. From little kids to grown ups/matric students, she teaches them like a mother. There are also tailor aanties. She is well known around the mohalla and her home is usually filled with different clothes, laces and cotton reels. She is a master in bargaining. Her day revolves around the household chores and the sewing machine.

We all also have our very own dan danaa dan, Rahat baaji in almost every house. She thinks that no one in the world is a better cook than her and regularly tampers with recipes. Sit with her and she’ll start talking you about the food related stuff. The Most said dialogue will be, ‘Zaiqa tou aurat ke haath mein hota hai.’ You will surely end up having at least one recipe handed to you and she’ll also call you timely to ask if you tried it and will ask you to share your experience.

And this, fellow friends, concludes our edition dedicated to the colourful aanties that surround us. And behind 3 tonnes of makeup, there is love hidden in their hearts. Too bad that some traits overshadow it. Lekin, phir hum dua kerain ge; ‘Iss aafat se bache rahein, phuss gaye tou marr gaye Sir jee!’

Composed by Zain and Ayela with contributions from Sana

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There are still areas in Karachi which are unknown to majority of population here. Even most of the Rickshay/Taxi walay don’t know about these places. As I came from my college today, the Rickshay wala said to me ‘4 saal se Ricksha chala rahay hain likin aaj tak yeh jaga nahin dekhi thi.’ They are not located on the outskirts of the city but in the middle of it, yet they are unknown to a lot of people. One of these areas is the F.C.Area, the place where I’ve spent 21 years of my life.

Many people are confused when we tell them about the name of the area. They match it with F B Area or Liaquatabad’s C area. But its F.C.Area, its full form being Federal Capital Area.

Located behind one of Asia’s largest markets, the Al Karam square, it is basically an area that used to be the place of residence for government employees when Karachi was Pakistan’s capital. Buildings were made in mid 1950s and the flats were allotted to the then government employees according to their grades. Before that it used to be a big ground of around a kilometre’s diameter where people from other parts of Karachi gathered to play Haackey, Kirkit, FitBaal and other sports.

With the flats, the famous gol market was built too. We’ll it isn’t spherical, you can say that it’s aadhi gol. Since the day I’ve gained my senses, I’ve watched that around 90% of the shops are run by same people. Though there isn’t a supermarket type of store but Malik sahab ki dukaan and Asif Milk centre are nothing short of a super market. Silver Cut, Rent a Car, doodh wala, grocery items, Easy Load, confectionery items, medical store, electricians and last but never the least, Cafe Ibrahimi, they all are part of this market.

Then there are these buildings, 16 flats each in a block. The one in which I live was built in 1974, but the blocks like F-1 till F-54 I guess, were built in late 1950s. The old buildings were planned to be renovated two years ago. They did repair 6 blocks but after that there are no signs of it.

Like some other areas of Karachi, some part of this is also regarded as haunted, mainly because there was a graveyard which has now sadly been turned into a kachra kundi. There is this this such an old tree which is regarded as a home to all supernatural creatures living. There are stories that a lady in all white has been spotted near the Chauraha on way to the graveyard. Other features of F C Area include sub Head Quarters of Rangers, the famous Tanki Ground, where almost every other day club cricket matches are held, the PWD office and the Water Tank, KESC’s office so that we can get timely response in case of a fault and the Ja’ama Masjid, where almost 80% of F C Area gather at Eid day.

My parents do think to move away from here because its now hard to adjust in a flat of two rooms but I’m sure we can’t get the facilities anywhere else that we have here. The Ricksha/Taxi stand where we can immediately get transport, the luxury of Kunday ki bijli, the peaceful environment during the riots when they break out in city and galli kirkit. We don’t pay water bills because it is subsidised for government officials and we get regular supply of water, even when other areas are deprived of it because of shortage. Those who live on ground floors, have expanded heir living spaces by building more rooms and lush green gardens. One of the exit points are directly linked to the signal free corridor 1, we go signal free all the way to Karsaz and ahead. Another exit point links to Karimabad and most importantly, Meena Bazaar. You can always meet a Mohallay wali/wala their everyday.

While it was once used to be a place for government employees only, due to no check and balance, those who have built their personal homes have now put their allotted flats for tenancy. Because of that, people from every sect and cast now live here. It shares boundaries with Moosa Colony, the home to Bengalis, has provided F.C. Areas women with the facility of Maasis and the gossips.

With all that inside it, this place is still unknown to many people. Because of the violence in the 90s, some people find it scary to come here late night. We haven’t put barriers in every gali for security reasons, the Chowkidar takes a round of every single mohalla every night for a mere 25 Rs. per house per month. During Ramazan, we had our very own Maayi Fatima, whose son has now taken over her famous dialogue ‘Amman fatima ki awaaz. Utho logon, sehri karlo. Time nikla ja raha hai.’ We have that insane man who use an oil can as a drum and laughs weirdly to wake people up.

Remember World’s youngest Test debutant Hasan Raza, Actor/Producer Javeria Saud, Singer Hasan Jahangir? They spent their childhood in F C Area !

We do sometimes think to move away from here but the bottom line is that we cannot find such an area with so many facilities any where else in Karachi.

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Well-come back

I’m sure that the person to whom this post is dedicated will surely get it by its title :p Well I couldn’t have been much more excited right now, I had this news 50% confirmed two days ago by my sources, but its certain now 😀

No one can tell about how excited I am at the moment. I just hope that everything remains fine and we enjoy every single bit that we can. Its also time to take out all that stuff (somehow) hidden in my not so personal drawer :p
As for our little jhagra, well its not intense any more, is it? I’ve been collecting some clues but our egos don’t let us end it. Right?
Btw, I do know what I was doing, when suddenly we fell apart. But when we’ll meet, we’ll get a brand new start :p Hain na? 😀
Once again, Welcome 🙂
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It isn’t Red Bull. It’s neither skydiving, nor Hagrid’s hippogriff. For Karachiites, it’s the flyovers in Karachi that give you wings. Wings so that you get the most amazing view of Karachi, which leaves you awestruck, each time you travel over those winding flyovers.

As you zoom across one and look around, aap hayraan reh jaao ge boss. Street lights casting pools of warm orange light down onto the streets are visible. You’ll be able to spot the areas facing loadshedding too. From slums to skyscrapers, LandRovers to rickshaws, hospitals to hotels, signal towers to minarets, billboards to buses, you’ll be able to see it all. It is one way of exploring this beloved city, in a much broader perspective that you could never experience elsewhere. Even a bird’s eye view from an airplane gets marred by tufts of clouds coming in your way. However, flyovers give you a view of your very own city as clear as crystal!

And you no longer need to yearn for Aladdin magic carpet! Whether it be the Nagan Chowrangi flyover or the Shaheed-e-Millat wala, naam jo bhi ho, flyovers in Karachi take you places. Within a matter of a few minutes, tadaa! You are at your destination! The Naagan Chowrangi wala has such height that middle class cars like Alto or Coure lose their speed while going up, no matter with how much force you push the accelrator. Aur na bhoolna, all kudos to Mustafa Kamal for accomplishing this feat. Signal-free corridors, flyovers, overhead bridges, ye sab ke buss ki baat nahin dost!

Aur jee haan, no need to wait for Milad-un-Nabi or Chaand Raat to get a taste of coloured lights, KPT flyover hai na! A row of lights run along its length and change colour form blue to red to green…. It is indeed an enjoyable spectacle as you whiz across the city on this three-tier flyover – the first of its kind in the whole of Pakistan. Oh yes, be proud, Karachiwaalon!

While underpasses in Karachi get converted into lakes of muddy water during the monsoon, it is the flyovers that remain intact, standing high and mighty above the City of Lights. Within a span of seven to eight years, our city has undergone development on a huge scale. And flyovers will forever be a part of it. They’ve made Karachi a metropolis, made people forget Super Highway and given us Karachiites an escape from the never-ending traffic jaam!

Speaking of traffic jaam, I think a flyover should be built along the MA Jinnah Road, from Jaama Cloth to Tower, so that the every day problem of traffic jaam there should be resolved. The Bacha Khan flyover’s construction should be done as soon as possible and one should be constructed at Al Asif square near Sohrab Goth so that the everyday problem of traffic jaam because of buses coming and leaving from other parts of country at the Bus Adda is solved.

Karachiwalon, on a windy evening, when the towering buildings block the refreshing breeze from coming your way, make a trip across any flyover, roll down the window, and here comes the refreshing breeze whistling into your ears. Flyovers in Karachi indeed make you feel on top of the world!

Never had a trip across the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Golden Gate one? Still deeming yourself unlucky that you haven’t? Think again! Karachi ke flyovers Zindabad!

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Gully Kirkit

Since we join school, we are taught that Hockey is our national game but a kid who has not been to school knows about kirkit already. He know the names of Pakistan kirket team’s players and around 90% of kids can be seen with bat and bowl just as they start walking. That is what kirkit mean to us, it is in our genes.

Ask us about the hockey rules, we may be able to explain only penalty corner and penalty stroke but when it comes to kirkit, we are completely updated by its rules and regulations and we know them by heart.

We will await Krikit World Cup like we do for the end of school or college. We may not be able to go all crazy for the team in stadium; we make sure that TV room does not lack the feel of a stadium. Food, dholak, flag and everything else needed is arranged before a crunch match so that no one will have to miss a single ball. We will cheer at the top of our lungs for Pakistan until the match is over. We glue ourselves to TV as if we are using Facebook, with our hands crossed against the chest over a critical situation. We clad in green, if not completely green, we make sure that whatever we are wearing must have little of the green. We pray for the win of team more than we do for our exam results. We pray till the last ball, pass on messages of prayers for the team, and sometimes this regime is so intense that the entire match is missed out after this. (Don’t forget those countless words of praise for KESC in case of a power cut)

We have got kirkit players not only in the team, but also in every gully and konay of Karachi. We have kirkit fanatics all over. Their kirkit is not run-of-the-mill type. Don’t we always refer to them with this jumla “in se acha toh hamari gully ke bache khelte hain”, whenever Pakistan is losing. So, yes, the Gully Kirkiters are also not any less than stars.

They come out on holidays, whether it is Sunday, a strike or a public holiday (other than Eid days) and occupy every deserted gully of the city where they could play, where they could bring out the Afridi, Gul or Akhtar within. They put life to it.
If you think Gully kirkit is just some boys having fun, then Sir you are wrong. Gully kirkit is blood, sweat, heart and soul, with its own special set of rules and features.

The game does not start off just like that. Firstly, all the necessary equipment is arranged for. The lack of wicket is countered by chairs, tapes and balls are arranged by contributions from everyone and the bat, well there is that one person in every gully who keeps his kirkit equipment up to date. When everyone’s done with arranging stuff, its time for the rules to declared.

The rules almost favours the person/team who brings the bat or ball. Some of them are as follows

Agar ghussay wali aanti k ghar ball gayee to out bhi hogay aur ball bhi le kar deni paray gi !!

Kisi ka sheesha toota to khud he jawab dena un ko !!

In case of conjusted gulliyan, one tip aur three body ka bhi out hai.

Ball agar jhariyon mein gayee to 1 run hoga.

If a tree is outside the boundary but its bushes are well spread, if the ball touches a leaf, it’ll be a 4 or 6.

Besides these rules, there are some features of the gully kirkit too. The match starts in a peaceful environment but never end like that. The game starts with the mentality that never let the opposing team win. Batting first after winning the toss is a must. Both teams play with the belief that Jeetain ge to hum he ya doosri team haaray gi Umpires in the gully kirkit will never ever be honest and a thelay wala or a respected uncle will always act like a third umpire.

Another feature of gully kirkit are the phadday !!! Yes, you are reading it correctly. A kirkit match in a gully can never end without a phadda. Whether you lose a wicket or it seems that your team is going to lose, get into a phadda as soon as possible. Throw the bat away as you lose a wicket and enjoy others first paying you some respect with amazing words and then going to get the bat. If you are the owner of that bat or bowl, threaten everyone k aap chalay jao ge. Like a BOSS !!

This gully cricket has produced great kirkiters like Hasan Raza (youngest player to debut in Test Matches), Hanif Mohammad (first Pakistani to score a triple century), the legend Javed Miandad and our very own, Shahid ‘LALA’ Afridi.

Despite all the phadday, every other day there is a new beginning. bad happenings of the last day are forgotten and room is made for the new ones to replace them. With the pack of such awesome rules and features, the game is bound to be successful. These may sound crazy, but have the true essence of Karachi and its Kirkit. Despite all the violence and roars, the love for Kirkit and for each other will not go weak. We will keep playing with the same spirit, with the same rules and we will be champions of the game known around the world as Cricket.

By Asma Ali with expertise from Zain Bin Imran

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Randomness redefined: part 2

The first post of this series was all about me and my life style. Well this post is totally different from it and it describes the meaning of LOVE, according to me (obviously). The idea of this post came to my mind three days ago when I was laying on my bed and as usual everything was flashing back in my mind and the idea behind the title is that I had no idea of the title describing my post well, it was just a silly one, the definition of love *pukes* (Idiotic ideas, I know )Let me make one more thing clear, the sentences might not be well structured because I’ve fallen in love with a song some hours ago and trying to remember it as soon as possible and imitating as if I’m world’s best singer at my favourite part of the song (As a matter of fact, I’m a pathetic singer. Thank you) and starting it all over again just as it reaches its middle part.

Enough of the song, I define love as HABIT !! ( I know its weird but please continue reading ). I’m a movie fanatic (Bollywood mostly), some personal experiences and experience of solving some relationships, from those I’ve concluded that you love someone because you become habitual of them. We have seen it quite often that a couple that share a room, office or a project eventually fall in love and then all those melodramas of love begin. They come close to each other because they spend most of the day with each other and they share everything between them. That is totally human nature because most of us share everything inside us with the person who have been close to us for a month or so. People become so habitual of the other’s personality, behaviour, presence, voice and everything related to them. Even though they have some dislikes and difference of opinion with each other, but either they try to test those dislikes, (For example, one of them didn’t believe in this vampires and stuff and other was such a big fan of it, suddenly the one who disliked it started to watch that stuff and became such a big fan of it) or they try to compromise with their arguments and as some great person said, ‘Love is compromise’.

That was what I thought about the definition of love, its love when you become habitual of someone and you are habitual of someone when you cant live without them. It does make sense with my theory na? Share your views and do tell me if you agree or disagree with me 🙂


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