Good ol days

29 Jan
Aaahhhh….. That moment after months, it feels like a new life has been granted… Wait wait…. Not to me, to my MSN :p It was never like it was before, I had missed those smileys and the most important of them all, chatting πŸ˜€

Well I’m the only one to blame for this miss because I created this awkward gap for a reason and I think I’ve finally managed what I wanted to do. As they say,  you never get something without losing something, I lost those night full of chatting 😦

All those awkward disagreements, some memories were shared, music, movies, TV shows, friends, life, education, pictures, copied jokes, accusations of boredom, food, cricket ,those chats had every thing, EVERY SINGLE THING was a part of our chat !!! And why not, she is my best friend ( I know she’ll puke while reading it). I wish I get those days back when near Bakra Eid, I had some awesome moments of my life and the day we both were included in KarachiTips Blog team, the hard fought matches that Pakistan won against Sri Lanka, it’d have been such fun sharing and discussing all that with her.

Enough of those sentimental sentences, well it resumed last night, not quite the way it used to be. It’ll take some time though. But it was great, having to wait for the reply, some disagreements and some serious talks, deliberately failing to understand other’s point, it was like breathing in fresh air after hiding inside a cave for years. Zyada hogaya thora and I think I became senti again πŸ˜›

To wrap it up, she said yesterday that it isn’t that we should start talking like before, there should be some special occasion. Kyun na I make every single night a special occasion? πŸ˜‰

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