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Busy… Busy… Busy….

I thought I’d be busy with personal studies but this new timetable has taken over all my plans. Classes tomorrow from 12 to 10 -___- #FML

Started this post during early hours of 25th but never completed it. The start to the day was sad because just as I woke up, I received this news that my great grandmother has passed way. She was in a very serious condition for at least 2 months and doctors had given up on her. Allah Taa’ala unko Jannat mein jaga ataa farmaaye. Ameen.

Back to the purpose of the post, I’m really busy now. I have classes all week, evening classes. I’ll have to miss my Cricket again -.- The only way I’ll be able to play is on Sundays if my parents don’t want to leave early for nani’s place. On the other hand, all my plans to spend the daytime at Library have been hit too. Besides Wednesday, I have classes late till 10 in the night. Saturday, from 12-10. With no CNG available and my parents not letting me travel in public buses, it is so bizarre to bargain with the rickshay wala for the fare.

It’s time to work on plan B then. First of all: cut my time on internet, I SERIOUSLY need to do this. 2. use every second free I get to get on with studies, MATHS is taking over me now :/ 3. Spend my break time from 2-6 on Saturdays wandering on Tariq Road with my best friend (Ssshhhhh…. Don’t tell my parents)

This was again going to be a long post but I still have some chores to do before I hit the bed and it’s already 3 in the morning. On the other hand, I have to wake up at 10 to get ready for a class at 12 :/

p.s. I know that things are wayward in this, it was never planned and was written while I was continuously distracted by Facebook and Twitter

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Cricket fanatic

There haven’t been more Cricket posts than I though there will be but now I’m back with one. As the title says, it’s all about how much crazy I am for cricket.

Ever since I’ve gained senses, cricket has been an integral part of my life. I don’t remember the 1992 world cup but I clearly remember the hype and all the support for Srilankans after Pakistan was knocked out in the Quarter Final. Since the day my mum allowed me to step outside my home an hour before Maghrib, Cricket was the only thing I played. By the age of 6, I had remembered names of players of every single Cricket playing team and my uncle used me around his friends to brag that his ‘bhanja’ knows everything about cricket and I used to tell them about all the players.

Cricket has always been there with me. When I lost my brothers, I was all alone and what I did was to make imaginary friends and named them according the that time Pakistani cricket team players. Batting was done in a way that the ball was dropped just in front of my bat and it was whacked away around the room. There was a little nudge on sixth ball of every over so that I take a single and keep the strike. Bowling now and it was done in a way that a fast ball was bowled against a bat leaned on a wall and as it was rebounded towards the bed, a diving catch was taken and I had the feeling of the best fielder in the world. In case the ball hit the padlock, the imaginary batsman was considered bowled. There were so many hattricks that I took and sometimes the opposing team was out within mere ten deliveries. And yes, I’ve realised now that I was nearly a psychic back then 🙂

Then there was this incident involving my grandfather. He had his eye operated and was staying with us. While I continued to enjoy my free time playing cricket alone, once the plastic ball hit his operated eye. That day, he told that if  I ever become a cricketer, I should narrate this incident when I’ll receive my first Man Of The Match award.

Coming on to my love for watching Cricket, as I said earlier, I was into it from the day I understood Cricket. Me and my father used to sit together and watch till the very last ball. There were times when my father used to stop eating if Pakistani team lost. On the other hand, I’ve always hoped for good.  There was the 1999 world cup when I sat there and watched every single match and cheered for Pakistani team and when they lost in the final, I prayed till the last ball that a miracle can happen. I prayed till the last ball when Pakistani team was battered by India in 2003 world cup and when they unexpectedly lost to Ireland in the 2007 world Cup. On the other hand, there have been quite a lot happy moments being a Pakistani cricket fan. There was this Tri Series in Australia in 1998 or 1999 when I followed it while spending my vacations in Tando Alah Yaar ( A village in Sindh). Then there was this famous match between Pakistan and SriLanka in Sharjah, I was screaming all around my Nani’s place while no one had a clue what was happening. I still have all those memories of Pakistan winning those Sharjah cups, Afridi hitting those boards to earn the cash prize and Pakistan winning the Sharjah cup every next year. I still have that memory in my mind when Pakistan won the Asia Cup last time after they were down and out and Moin Khan batted beautifully in the death overs.

The craziness about cricket in me can be judged from the fact that in my childhood, the shopkeepers in the market just opposite to my house used to ask me when will be the next match of Pakistani Cricket Team and asked me to share my EXPERT opinion on the current form. They still do that though, just before every single match and I’m sure there will be discussion about today’s victory against England tomorrow.

When it comes to playing, I’m a leg spin bowler. Because of my unwanted extra weight, I couldn’t bowl fast, so I switched towards Spin and that has give me an edge. Batsmen find it really difficult to read the spin and in matches of mere 6 overs, every dot ball is priceless. As I concentrated on spin bowling, the pace generated itself and I can now bowl medium pace whenever I need to. People sometime complain that I’m over enthusiastic but that is me, when I play cricket, I play with passion. There have been many incidents when a fight nearly broke out because I usually yell ‘NIKAL’ whenever I take a wicket. As for batting, I’m not a very big hitter. I like to spend time in crease, get settled and then whack over the boundary when I have clearly set my foot inside. I play spin really well.

As for current thoughts on Pakistani Cricket Team, well as everyone say, they are unpredictable and that is what their strength as well as weakness is. they can never be consistent. after they whitewashed the number one test in the world, we were hoping to see them continue grabbing the glory in ODIs too but the reverse happened. England took their revenge and whitewashed Pakistan Now to T20s and wow, it was an emphatic start to the series. Ovais Zia was sensational as well as it was good to see Umar Gul back in good form too after he got the beating in the ODI series. Even when they were losing, I listened till the very last word of radio commentary (Thanks to KESC -.-) before switching it off in depression. But I had a belief and today, they are back to winning ways.

Be Green. Feel Green. Live Green. Bleed Green. And you know what, I LOVE YOU Team Green ♥

And here’s this amazing song by Junoon dedicated to the awesome Pakistan Cricket Team

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Weirdness with a message

As the title says it, this is one weird post. It is not planned, I’ll just write what will come to my mind as I type. May be some tweets, some quotes, music, movies or anything else, this one could contain anything. I was getting bored and I don’t know why I didn’t have a topic for a blog post. Warning again, this will be one way ward post, so you can still close the tab :p

I’m still unable to get a topic, Any ways, here it begins. Someone says that blogging is to write out feelings inside your heart, let’s see if i really spill out what’s inside me Just between this, I’ve decided to redesign the appearance of my blog. Be back later with the new design 😆

Arrghhh… Never managed to do it, I want some new fonts but they are all boring or either girly :/ I want to change the background too but did not find a good pic of Pakistani Cricket team celebrating. On the other hand, my media player has gone from its usual ‘sad’ mode to the extreme sad, i.e., ‘crying’ mode. I’m too lazy to compile up a playlist and as a result, it just played this song…

If you’re still reading this post, I want to give you a standing ovation because I don’t think someone will still be reading this pointless stuff after listening to such a sad song (or you didn’t even bother clicking at the video, eh?)

Moving on, this past week was great besides the fact that Pakistan Cricket team was brutally beaten by England. It was supposed to be the week when I had to start studying full-time, although I started but it never happened as I thought it would be. I’ve registered myself for AS level Accounts and haven’t yet looked at the book, in fact I haven’t yet bought it. On another hand, I think it’s safe to say that I have made another  very good friend in my KT partner, Ayela. Some things are just meant to happen, aren’t they? :p (we are yet to debate on this though about who made this DIALOGUE public :D) On a serious note, she is a wonderful person. All the discussions with her about Sega, some people and some of my personal stuff, I have enjoyed every bit of it. Ayela, I hope you rapidly recover fully, have all that you have been craving for since your illness and wish you lots of good luck in advance for your exams 🙂

Next up, Twitter. As the newbies say it, I don’t get it, I said it too at the start but now, I absolutely LOVE it. As everyone makes mistakes, I did too by following some fangirls and still have to cope up with them because I want to get to 150 followers by the day I complete a year on Twitter. I’ve already crossed 9000 tweets (I wonder how do I tweet this much) and now moving on towards my target to reach 15000 tweets by the end of this year. Despite all these fangirls, I have some great followers and people on Twitter. It is fun having little chats with them and that is the reason why I have switched on my another sim, just to keep tweeting when I’m not on the PC. It is really fun there. If you have an account on twitter and is not yet following me, have a look on the left side, you’ll find a quick link to follow me.

Last but never ever the least, I want to share a little message with you. We use the word ‘rape’ a lot of time while joking about someone getting battered but for once, spare a thought about people (usually women) who have been through this brutal act. It takes a lot to move on from one incident when it is so much depressing like the one mentioned and when we name it, please think how do they feel. It might be humour for you but if it had happened with one of your family member or close relative? Think about it and ‘rape’ is not a single word, there are a lot of synonyms available. Stop being a ‘keyboard warrior’ and spend the free time you waste on internet for some good. Thanks.

Say NO to 'Rape' jokes !!

And btw, here is a new quote by me.

Let the tensions attack you as much as they can. Chocolate is the best shield available out there easily 🙂

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Lawn Mowers

As you are still having coffee after midnight, rolling up glass of your car’s window, tucking you hands inside your pockets to keep them warm, suddenly you see all these hoardings and ask yourself’ Waqaayi mein Sardi hai ya mujhe lag rahi hai?’ Yes ! I am talking about the fever of lawn exhibitions and designer lawns in hamara apna Karachi where mercury is not rising above 15-16 C during nights and Summer is not looking too happy to embrace us.

It is still freezing in many parts of the country and the situation is similar in plains of Punjab and Sindh, but here in Karachi we have already started planning for Lawn exhibitions. And you know what, some of them were so impatient that they have already organised their exhibitions. Luscious, lucrative, fancy & branded lawn exhibitions tornado hit Karachi early 2012, not just one but one after another. Every single sign board has a new designer’s name with the date and place of their exhibition. It is such a disrespect to winter clothings and to the season itself. Pehle, they had complained k Karachi mein har waqt garmi he rehti hai and now that winters have stayed for long, they are freaking out to bring Lawn. Sach he kaha hai kisi ne, insaan kabhi khush nahin hota….

As for Lawn itself, there are now so many brands that a person is confused which one to buy. Every single actress, model, singer has started exhibiting their lawn. It was started by J. (in early Jan) and then was soon followed by Nadia Hussain, ZQ, and none other than the Lala himself, Shahid Afridi. There is no hint of planning and every one else is trying to compete with one another. I’m afraid that ‘kawwa chala hans ki chaal, apni chaal bhi bhool gaya’ will happen to all these newly bred ‘designers’.

Almost all of these Lawn exhibitions are now held in a posh area of the city and if you belong to an average mediocre family, then save your time and petrol money and go to local markets to buy lawn, rather than getting squashed between aanties and being part of an stampede. If you really want to see their painting aka designs, internet hai na !! Just ask your child/sibling to show you all those designs and you can easily select which one to buy.

Talking about the posh area, it is no doubt that you need to be the one from those living on the other side of the bridge to afford this lawn. For example, the Asim Jofa lawn, which was also discussed so much on social media, has such high prices that a person who earns a million or around it a month can truly afford it. Sometimes, I think that mayans are right. World is surely ending on 21st December 2012.

Just as all these people are organising their exhibitions, we are also waiting for what is called ‘Original Lawn’ by GulAhmed. The ads are aired after every 5 minutes as you are driving or trying to keep yourself busy listening to radio during load shedding.  Let us all see what this Original Lawn is, or is it just another tactic to bring a crowd to their exhibition.

I think all these designers cum celebrities are trying to pay Alaamgir a tribute in their own way. As he sings in his hit of all time ‘Dunya hamain ab jo kahay, dunya ki rasmon ko tor tor chalay’, they are following in his footstep and doesn’t care about what people think. They just want to be a step ahead from every one else. Seriously ‘dekha na tha kabhi hum ne yeh samaa’

To all those investors out there, here is a piece of advice for you. Pick up a model, cricketer, singer or any famous personality, sign a contract with them and invest in fabrics aka lawn. Hold your exhibition in Clifton or some hotel, and whatever the quality of your fabric will be, it will be a sell out. As we look in current situations, go for a ‘Humsafar’ brand. Make Khirad, Sara and Aanti (I don’t know her name) the faces of the brand and I’m sure, this will beat every one !! You’ll float in money.

On a serious note, keeping Karachi’s summer in mind, Lawn Zindabad. But yaar, pehle sardi to jaanay do !

By Hareem Tayyab and Hina Safdar

p.s. I think I did justice with it bearing in mind my little knowledge on the topic and I don’t want to be named anywhere in this 😛

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Forever Alone and still celebrate it, YES I do ! 🙂 For the last two years, I have been celebrating it with my family, you can call it a co-incidence though. Last year, I went out with family and had a great dinner. Today, it was with friends and was a great great day.

I don’t know why I wanted to celebrate or have fun today. Maybe because of my results yesterday? I am still confused why I wanted to have fun.

Vibrating and stopping at regular intervals, we reached our destination somehow and then the party begin. I made my friends walk around Tariq road and they kept on moaning about the walk. I had promised them that once we’ll reach our destination, it’ll all be fun and yet it was. Keeping our eyes on the red valentine’s butterflies, I took them straight to fun land at Dolmen Mall (yeah, I’m still a kid) and the rest that happened cannot be described in words. The extraordinary amount of fun we had, the way we showed our skills on kids’ games and last but the best one, the shooting area. Smashed Aasim in a game of Tennis and then Air Hockey before our best memory of the day was created at the shooting area. We stole tickets earned by a girl right under her nose and she never knew what happened 😀

Having created those memories, we walked off to find a cheap and better eating place singing ‘Aate jaatay khoobsoorat awaara sarkon pe’ when I just spotted a cheap deal by Pizza Hut and we immediately entered there. The scenes created there were better than those at fun land. The lift, who’s capacity was 250 kg, was loaded with two fatties and a normal person, making awkward noises all the way up 😀 Just as we stepped outside the lift, the waitress who welcomed us was wearing a red heart shaped badge made of glazed paper 😯 We ordered ‘Afghani Chiken Tikka’ and believe me, it is great. The raita type of sauce, it’s delicious. while waiting for our Pizza, we were watching amazing display of batting by Azhar Mehmood and during the innings break, just as they put on the romantic songs, the couple opposite us asked the waiters to dim the lights 😆

As we were done with the khaapa, we set out to find the Ricksha and the normal debate for fares. We kept on singing all the way and then in the Ricksha too. The mood swung from old Indian songs to the awkward Indian drama songs and then the political parties’ songs. We kept on singing till we were yards away from our place. It was one hell of a day.

Thanks to Aasim and Talha Mama, I spent one of the great days of my life. They cancelled their dates to spend the *Le Together Alone Day with me. Seriously, love you guys yaar, you both made my day ♥


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Travelling back in time

Finally, I’m eligible to be called ‘ACCA Part Qualified’. Celebrations, smiles and everything aside, the next 4 to 5 months will decide my future. I have A levels in May and then 3 ACCA Papers in June. Besides that, I’m also looking for my job/articleship. I have applied in couple of firms and I’m hopeful that I’ll get an appointment letter from them. So through all this job stuff, studies and the pressure to get done with it all, I really have to switch back to how I used to study before joining O Levels.

For past two weeks or so, my mind was indulged in making different plans as to how things will be in case I fail one or both papers. Alhamdulillah, it has not happened and now I’m looking to implement plan A.

First of all, I seriously need to cut my time spent on internet. All those nights that I spend tweeting, chatting, watching movies/shows or listening to music, I have to give up on them for some months. I might not be online on nights but I know I can’t go to bed at 12. Reason no. 1: Even if I hit the bed at 12, I can’t sleep before 3 at least. What actually happens is that all those memories of my past, crushes, some chats or any other memory is flashed back and I’m left staring at the ceiling, regretting what I did and thinking I should have done this instead of that. Reason No. 2: My classes are evening classes, 2 of them are theory classes. Wanna punish me? Make me take a day long theory class without my cell phone. So if I try to be a normal person, wake up early in the morning, this will not help in my cause for studies. I will eventually fall asleep in class and this will be a major hurdle in my quest to get done with ACCA.

Secondly, I’ll join the Library. that will be another way of keeping me away from Computer. More time I’ll spend inside my house, the more I’ll be spending on computer provided it’ll not be load shedding time. I don’t have a good phone to use Facebook or Twitter on it, so yeah, this will be of benefit to me too. The plan is to reach library by 10 or 11 in the morning and spend the rest of the day there before my class timings.

Thirdly, with all this studies and stuff, I need to workout on my health too. The past 6 months that I’ve spent sitting at home, I’ve gained a lot. I just eat and remain seated on this chair, for almost 16 hours a day. I’ll reach the library through public buses (Sshhh.. Don’t tell my parents !!) and then walk all the way for my classes. As far as my own calculations are correct, the distance from library to my college is more than 3 kilometres (Yeah, I’ll be doing it)

The above plans were made with an assumption that I’ll not get a job before I’m done with ACCA. What if I get the job? Only Allah knows best how will it turn out to be. As things stand, I’ve registered myself for AS Accounts and I haven’t yet seen the cover of the book or past papers. I’m also appearing for A2 Maths, and well, integration is now taking over my nerves. I’ve forgotten the techniques, where ln should be used and where it shouldn’t be. Besides that, I’ve absolutely no clue how to solve these complex trigonometric identities -____-

So the bottomline is that I need to focus hard and dedicate myself to studies for next few months. Don’t worry, I will take out time to do blogging as now I feel boring without it. Tonight might be the last one of those spent on internet doing nothing. I seriously need to go now. My parents haven’t yet decided to curse me because I’ve got my result. They are letting me enjoy these moments but I can sense something coming. So before they get started, I should end it.

p.s. Forever Alone and in Karachi? Come lets celebrate Together Alone day tomorrow.An open invitation to everyone 🙂

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No University for me

I had always wanted to be a pilot, to be able to fly fighter plane for my country. In order to complete my aim, I even passed the test in PAF school in class 8 but never know what clicked in my father’s mind, I was not allowed to join it. I was promised at that time that I’ll be allowed to do intermediate from PAF college and the rest but again this didn’t happen. As I passed class 8, a tutor advised my mother that I’m intelligent enough to do O levels (I had always studied in a matric school). So time flew and I completed my O levels. By that time, once again thanks to my mother and her concern for me being skinny, I had gained so much weight that I was unable to pass the entry test for PAF college. Any ways, I completed O levels and was left with a confused mind. With no chance of being able to get into PAF, my mind was wobbling between A levels and Inter. There was no one to guide me through it or to guide me about my future once I had given up for what I had planned to do since my childhood. Some people scared me by saying that A levels is difficult while on the Inter path, I couldn’t think of any field in engineering to look forward. That is where I took the decision to completely switch towards Finance and get registered myself with ACCA.

This is where the basic purpose of the post is revealed. I joined ACCA and with a packed classroom of 50 odd students, I was looking forward to making new friends and meet new challenges but then the harsh reality of being a Finance student was revealed. I was never able to get myself registered in a university as I didn’t do A levels. There was no support for me as to how I should move on with my studies and as a matter of fact, I was still dumb to search around Internet and find what is better for me.

As I stand today, I think I’ve absolutely no chance to join a university in near future. InshaAllah, I’ll be done with ACCA by the end of this year and I need 3 years of practical experience. All that I’ve heard about being at University, the events, conferences, hangouts, hanging in points, worries about GPA, variety of courses, picnics, special discounts for university students, I might never ever have them.

On the other hand, I think university students wish for a life like mine. Every other day is a weekend for me. I just have to go for a 2-3 hours’ class, otherwise, I just sit in front of this screen and do tweeting/blogging. I’m up whole night watching movies or shows, with out any tension of waking up early in the morning and rush to university. I can still play Cricket in evenings and go out with friends whenever I’d like to. Besides that, I get around 3 months absolutely FREE from any tensions about studies and classes. I don’t have to worry about any quizzes or attendance, it never counts.

But still, there’s this question in my mind which is yet to receive a satisfactory answer:

Am I a loser for not being in a University?
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