Travelling back in time

13 Feb

Finally, I’m eligible to be called ‘ACCA Part Qualified’. Celebrations, smiles and everything aside, the next 4 to 5 months will decide my future. I have A levels in May and then 3 ACCA Papers in June. Besides that, I’m also looking for my job/articleship. I have applied in couple of firms and I’m hopeful that I’ll get an appointment letter from them. So through all this job stuff, studies and the pressure to get done with it all, I really have to switch back to how I used to study before joining O Levels.

For past two weeks or so, my mind was indulged in making different plans as to how things will be in case I fail one or both papers. Alhamdulillah, it has not happened and now I’m looking to implement plan A.

First of all, I seriously need to cut my time spent on internet. All those nights that I spend tweeting, chatting, watching movies/shows or listening to music, I have to give up on them for some months. I might not be online on nights but I know I can’t go to bed at 12. Reason no. 1: Even if I hit the bed at 12, I can’t sleep before 3 at least. What actually happens is that all those memories of my past, crushes, some chats or any other memory is flashed back and I’m left staring at the ceiling, regretting what I did and thinking I should have done this instead of that. Reason No. 2: My classes are evening classes, 2 of them are theory classes. Wanna punish me? Make me take a day long theory class without my cell phone. So if I try to be a normal person, wake up early in the morning, this will not help in my cause for studies. I will eventually fall asleep in class and this will be a major hurdle in my quest to get done with ACCA.

Secondly, I’ll join the Library. that will be another way of keeping me away from Computer. More time I’ll spend inside my house, the more I’ll be spending on computer provided it’ll not be load shedding time. I don’t have a good phone to use Facebook or Twitter on it, so yeah, this will be of benefit to me too. The plan is to reach library by 10 or 11 in the morning and spend the rest of the day there before my class timings.

Thirdly, with all this studies and stuff, I need to workout on my health too. The past 6 months that I’ve spent sitting at home, I’ve gained a lot. I just eat and remain seated on this chair, for almost 16 hours a day. I’ll reach the library through public buses (Sshhh.. Don’t tell my parents !!) and then walk all the way for my classes. As far as my own calculations are correct, the distance from library to my college is more than 3 kilometres (Yeah, I’ll be doing it)

The above plans were made with an assumption that I’ll not get a job before I’m done with ACCA. What if I get the job? Only Allah knows best how will it turn out to be. As things stand, I’ve registered myself for AS Accounts and I haven’t yet seen the cover of the book or past papers. I’m also appearing for A2 Maths, and well, integration is now taking over my nerves. I’ve forgotten the techniques, where ln should be used and where it shouldn’t be. Besides that, I’ve absolutely no clue how to solve these complex trigonometric identities -____-

So the bottomline is that I need to focus hard and dedicate myself to studies for next few months. Don’t worry, I will take out time to do blogging as now I feel boring without it. Tonight might be the last one of those spent on internet doing nothing. I seriously need to go now. My parents haven’t yet decided to curse me because I’ve got my result. They are letting me enjoy these moments but I can sense something coming. So before they get started, I should end it.

p.s. Forever Alone and in Karachi? Come lets celebrate Together Alone day tomorrow.An open invitation to everyone 🙂

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