Chocolate ♥

01 Mar

So many posts about my life and related events but I’m confused why I never wrote about Chocolate. Chocolate is an integral part of my life. I can live without food but it is impossible for me to spend a day without Chocolate. Although I still can’t decide if it’s the first, second or third love of my life, but it indeed is the love.

Chocolate is there everywhere with me. Ask me about an ice cream flavour or type of cake, I’ll always go with chocolate. I just don’t like any other flavour than chocolate. People might call me mad, but last month when there was this severe cold in Karachi, I used to have burger with a cup of hot chocolate as late night snacks. When nothing is there, I can have a dairy milk with a roti, seriously. And believe me, if you are weight concious, try having biscuits with Nutella as a dip in snack time, you’ll absolutely love it. Sometimes, this love for chocolate is my weakness too, as I describe it as

Everything has a price tag attached to it. The tag attached to me reads ‘Chocolate’

The idea behind this post was basically a quote from my teacher two days ago. It was ‘Girls are like chocolates’. I tweeted this and someone asked me ‘What are girls like?’. I’ll surely answer that later in the post, keep reading :-p

Whenever I’m stressed or depressed, chocolate is there for me. it is an antidote to every single problem you have. Have a bar of chocolate and all the tensions you have in your mind will be flushed till the moment you finish the bar.

Let the tensions and problems hit you as much as they can. Chocolate is the best shield easily available out there

To wrap it up, chocolate is the best thing available out there. I want to salute the person who discovered cocoa and the art of making chocolate (too lazy to google it). I wonder what would have happened if chocolate wasn’t there specially for people like me, who eat nothing else like chhaliya other than chocolate.

Chocolate is like the best thing in the world. They might be hard from outside but when you rightly own them, there is nothing better when they melts around or inside you and that is the moment when you truly enjoy the chocolate, regardless of whatever is on your mind. You just can’t feel anything else until and unless you have every single bit of it

Forget love, I’d rather fall in Chocolate ♥

p.s. I did explain the question I was asked on Twitter. Great if you’ve got it. Otherwise, I’d strongly recommend you to go and watch Cartoon Network 🙂

Feel free to have one

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