No longer a public bus virgin

27 Mar

Finally, I’m writing it. There was so much on my mind to write about, but I don’t know if I was having a writer’s block or what, I just didn’t feel like writing. Any ways, here it is now, I am writing.

It happened around 3 weeks ago when I finally decided to act against my parents’ will and travelled in a public bus. It was first time for me, all alone, since the day I’ve reached puberty. I travelled in buses in my childhood every time I visited my grandmother’s place but since I reached O levels and further, I was asked not to travel in buses because of those stories about accidents relating to public buses everyday.

The beginning to it was quite good as I found the bus which was half empty. As we move along, it started to fill. I have heard people that you should keep your cell phone inside your bag while travelling in a bus because you never know when you’ll get mugged.. I was sitting with my bag clenched tight in my hands praying that I should reach my destination safely because if I hadn’t, I had received a lot of dressing down from my parents about why I decided to travel in a bus.Any ways, it was not a very comfortable journey as I got stiffened back but what I observed throughout the journey is to be described. The two people beside me, started talking like they have known each other for years and they took the bus from different stops. Then, there was this person who was talking on his iPhone without any fear and I was like who said that people get mugged in the buses?

The return journey on the other hand, was not as much easy as I had thought. I had to stand up all the way through (more than 10 km) while trying to keep myself on my my feet from those awkward bumps caused by emergency brakes and the matters became worse as the bus kept filling. Although, something happened which removed all this pain of standing all the way from me. There were some women, who at first started arguing with the conductor and then her daughter spoke “Ammi yaheen utar jao, yahan se APUN ko chhota paray ga.” I don’t know how I was able to hold my laughter after hearing that, I had this dialogue in my mind thinking how should I write in the blog all the way through to my college.

These bus travels had been fascinating for me up till now. I have had my journeys in an empty bus as well as a fully loaded bus. I have been squeezed between people entering and leaving the bus and I have also hung from a door for a kilometre or so on the day Karachi was hit by a sandstorm. It has all been awesome for me and one day, I will be courageous enough to climb that little ladder and come all the way to my home sitting on the roof top of the bus.

Karachi ki buses, nothing can ever beat them ♥

p.s. I have been saving some money because I still receive Ricksha’s kiraya from my home everyday. Sshhh.. Don’t tell my parents :p

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