I missed you

22 Apr
Dear blog, I missed you 😦 I was without a computer in the past week and it feels like I have no life at all if I spend one day without my computer/music/internet. My mobile phone does not have GPRS/WAP facility, so that makes me totally handicap.

Any ways, it has been a happening week. Where to start and where to finish, I don’t have an idea. It’s been a roller coaster ride. Some slow and sad moments, to be countered by some happy scenes, a piece of advice and got to know something that I never knew about me, it was all inside the last week. To top that up, there were some awkward moments that I’m feeling embarrassed to state down…. I’ve already been much embarrassed by sharing it with some close friends. Also, there have been so many new experiences as I have been travelling in Karachi’s public buses. It’s just another world inside a Karachi bus.

On the other hand, I’m not on talking terms with my best friend because of some stupidity by him whereas my other bestie has been acting a bit weird these days. Also got a new project to work on but I’d probably be giving it time after my exams. Talking of exams, I received my statement of entry today, so I finally know when I’m called to appear for exams. think I should start studying now. The other thing that has been bugging me is that do I look like some love guru or happiness distributing person? Every one seems to find me whenever they are sad and I take up the challenge to cheer them up. Or is it just me who just can’t see people being sad and push them to tell what happened and find a solution for them? I’m really confused if I become too much sweet and caring at times to people and they find me annoying as I try to find a solution for them :/

There is a lot more to write about but I think it’s enough to bore you. I’ll be back later with a more boring post than this. All you lovely people out there, take good care of yourself and others around you 🙂

p.s. Please recite Surah e Fatha once for all those 127 people who lost their lives in the Bhoja Air crash yesterday and for the Legend Moin Akhtar as it’s his first Death Anniversary today.

p.p.s Yeh dunya beghairton ka mela hai. Kisi se hum beghairaton ki tarha mohabbat karte hain, koi beghairat hamari qadar tak nahin karta.

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