One for my love….

29 Apr
Since the day I entered school, we have been in a relationship. The moment I was introduced to it, there was something which got me attached to it. By the passage of time, this relationship has become more and more strong. We were at the peak of our relationship during my O levels. Then, there came a sudden break and I was separated from it. For the past year, I have been reunited with it and now I’ll never let it leave me. Many people have come across, watching me with weird eyes and calling me a psycho but I’m proud to be in love with Mathematics. Yes, MATHS.

That describes it well ❤

You can close your mouth now 🙂 I love playing with numbers. Maths is a challenge for many people, numbers with x and y in between but it has never been like it for me. That is the reason why I took Statistics, and Additional mathematics along with Mathematics in my O levels. While this love affair has been brilliant, just like every other relationship, it has given me a few hard moments too, especially when I was a kid. I was expected to score full marks in a test or an exam and whenever I didn’t, I had to take a beating.

We had a breakup after my O levels but now we have been reunited, because of A levels. I’m being rudely punished by it for leaving it and I’m paying for it now. I didn’t give it much time after my reunion and it has been protesting in an innovative way. It has given me stress and made me an insomniac. As a result, I have been spending most of the time with it.

My bed and my love. Things are little bit messy these days ❤
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