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Gone again

The last post where I was ranting about ACCA, it’s irrelevant now. Somehow, my matters were resolved and now I’m appearing for my exams. What this means is that I gotta study like I never did before. Just for the sake of getting done with ACCA, I’ll have to give it everything, more than everything. I’ll be back on 18th June, till then please pray for me that I excel in my exams. See you all later. Bye.


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An year wasted

Warning: This post might contain some inappropriate words. Read at your own risk.

I’m back. Much much earlier than I said I will be. The reason of it is not my addiction to internet but ACCA. I was working my ass off, taking 12 hour long classes for my exams in June but they are not happening now. I don’t want to get in much details, just keeping it simple.

For some reasons, I couldn’t register for exams in the “Early” entry period. As I did it during the standard/normal time, the bank officials asked my father to not do it via that debit card as other students have been suffering problems in payment too. Their payments were held back. When asked ACCA about how I could solve this problem, they asked to me send the exam entry form and the payment via post. Thanks to the insomnia that I got because of exam stress, slept for four hours and then drove around the busiest places of Karachi in the peak hours of morning and somehow managed to send all the documents so that they are received in Glasgow way before deadline date. Since the moment I saw that my package has been delivered and signed, I was waiting for an acknowledgement from ACCA but it was never sent. As I tried to check my account details, ACCA’s system was not working at all and it went on like that till the last date of Late exam entry. By that time, I was without internet and was hoping to get my docket/admit card printed, as soon as it is uploaded. As it was available, I asked a friend to mail it to me too but it was never there. When inquired about it, THOSE FREAKIN’ HOLES NEVER RECEIVED MY FORM BUT DID RECEIVE MY PAYMENT :@ :@ :@ As a result of it, I’m deprived of sitting for exams in June.

This exam attempt was hopefully my last one. I had decided to get done with these last 3 exams and add ACCA Finalist after my name but it is not happening now. Non receipt of exam entry form means that I could not be issued any docket or any material whatsoever which will allow me to sit for exams in June. All I have got to do is to sit at home and wait for December to come and appear for exams, wait for another 2 months for results to be issued and then know if I have passed all my ACCA Exams or not. I lost my sleep, became an insomniac and everything else just for this. I gave up on blogging and suffered from a writer’s block because I had my studies on my mind. I left everything, most of all, Cricket for the sake of taking classes. It’s my limitation that I cannot study an hour before the sunset but I became a traitor for my studies and to meet again that nerd inside me. I did it all, was on course happily to attempt my exams when I was told that I can’t appear for exams.

THOSE SONS OF A BITCH RECEIVED MY PAYMENT BUT NOT MY EXAM ENTRY FORM. THEY CAN SHOVE THOSE ETHICS UP THEIR ASS NOW !! I SIMPLY DON’T CARE ABOUT IT. Because of these bitches, I’ll have to waste the whole year and sit at home unless I get some job. What I’ll do is to just sit in front of this screen, tweet, tweet and tweet. May be write some blogpost or just watch movies/shows while I’ll be continuously cursed by my parents. I don’t know what will happen to me but what I do know is that I’m gonna fuck those bastards at ACCA Karachi office in a couple of days. It will be fun !!

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I’m going…..

I’m leaving blogging and everything else for more than a month now. I’d have stick with it if I was prepared for even just a bit but I’m not. It’s time for me to move away from these online distractions and concentrate on my studies. It has been the place for me to rant and share my feelings whenever I wanted to. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the time I’ll be without internet. I can’t get how to solve these Mechanics questions as I have my exam next week and above all, I haven’t yet opened up my ACCA books. It’s getting on my nerves now. Although, I’m in good relations with my love and expecting a wonderful date with it ♥ Next post will now be on 18th June. Till then, goodbye everyone 🙂 Take good care of yourself and others around you. I wish you all the very best if you are having your exams and here’s a piece of advice: Just never take stress or any tensions. it doesn’t affect those around you other than you. Keep calm and eat a chocolate in such situations 🙂 Bye.
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