15 Jul
This is going to be one weird post. I have no idea what I’ll be writing. Just making this effort to pass time on computer so that I can listen to the music while my father keeps staring at the screen to know what I’m doing and taunt me later that I only talk to girls on Twitter and Facebook :/

Anyways, just to write some more, here is the list of things on my mind. Or put it like the things I want while I’m getting bored in vacations.

1. I want a SMARTPHONE. I’m still living on the phone my father used once and now, it has been transferred to me. It is only good in hard times because of its features like torch or FM radio. Can’t even listen to FM because my cats chewed the wire of hands-free. FML.

2. I want a PS3. It has been more than an year since my PS2 has malfunctioned and I have been deprived of playing FIFA -_______-

3. I#m listening to 90s’ Indian music these days. I seriously don’t know why. I do not like any other song and at the moment I’m writing this, I’m in a mood to listen to sad songs.

4. For past couple of days, I have been thinking about the girl I restricted myself to have a crush on. Once again, I seriously don’t know why. to make matters worse, I have a picnic with her this coming Wednesday.

5. After such long, I was high a couple of days ago. Reason? Can’t get one. Suffering from side effects of it.

6. I want some portable music player to not feel alone on the picnic. Me and my music, still a better love story than Twilight :’)

7. Twitter is all boring again on a Saturday night.

8. I should really finish writing this up and I’m seriously not checking it for any typos or grammatical mistakes. KThanksBye.

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