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Rant. Rant. Rant.


So it’s happening again. That Prime Minister of Pakistan usually remembered as Raja Rental is invited by the Kaana CJ to the Supreme Court and as always and will be asked (read requested) to write the letter to Swiss officials. Who are you kidding with, Cheap Justice? For all these 4 years or so, it has been the same story. Order, appeal, order, review request, order and it’s going on and on and on… A month ago, after such a long sentence of HALF A MINUTE because of contempt of court, one of them was sent home. AFTER FOUR LONG YEARS. And now, the same will be repeated with the new one. It’s all part of the plan. With all these appeals, time will pass and then we’ll have the elections. Some new party will come, Zardari (read Kutta) will fly away to get some MEDICAL TREATMENT and then there’ll be new drama of issuing warrants for him, bringing him back to the jail and all the shit. 


Moving on, society shit now. When will we ever get rid of the sick mentality that a girl and boy can never be good friends and that if they talk and laugh with each other, there is something between them? Why do some people thing that if some person smiles at them, he/she like them? When will we ever get rid of those creepy dads who think that their daughters will fall in love if they ever go to co education system? When will we stop fixing our children’s marriage just as they are born? When will we listen to our children about what they want to do with their life and stop bossing on them and asking them to become what we had planned to but could never do it? When will we start thinking that marriage is not about bringing a servant for you with whom you can have sex too? When will we stop shutting up our children with “bachchon kay koi dard nahin hota” if they ever complain about some ill health? When will this society get over from those norms of the 17th century? World is landing “Curiosity” on Mars and we’re still beating up women because we don’t have an answer to their argument… Call me anything, I don’t care if I sound like a feminist here.


Some family shit now that I want to rant about. You can close the page if you want to. Till last year when my father suffered from a stroke, our place used to be a dispute solver. There were days when people stayed till 3 in the night and the disputes ran while I tried to stay away from all that in my room but it somehow reached my ears. It halted for some months as my father started to sleep early but now, it has started again. Any family dispute, they come here, debate and leave. What it does is that there dispute is solved, they live happily but the atmosphere of my home gets distracted. My father never likes it but he never says that too. All that mishap and the following mood swings, I’m at the end of them mostly. I now have this liberty to go out and sit with friends during loadshedding times. At least for a couple of hours, I try to throw it away from my mind but then it’s the same story… That will continue for a week or so and somehow I’ll have to cope up with it.


There was much much more to rant about tonight but thanks to some songs and a little turn up of events, I started trolling some people and forgot all those things revolving inside my mind. Cheers. 🙂


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Colours of Eid

As I came back from Eid prayers, I saw little girls wearing bright colours and overloaded makeup with twinkling purse hanging while on other hand, little boys with shining glasses and watches roaming around in groups, pushing each other to get to the jhoola first, this is how the scenes have been outside my house on Eid day for the 22 years I have lived here.

Crispy new notes, a stall for (wannabe) Haleem Biryani, Gola Ganda wala, Taangay walay calling children and arguments about who came first to stand their and wait for the camel ride and among them all, are all these jhoolay. This one’s my favorite. Doli Wala ♥ I remember, I used to give the person a 10 Rs. note and there I had my doli for 5 turns. That was the advantage of being a heavy fat ass 😀 The doli only belonged to me while others fought and were somehow managed in the other ones. The awkward tickling as the jhoolay wala is being forced to put in more effort because of the girl singing ” Jhoolay walay jhoolay dou” (aagay ka mujhe nahin aata). Oh the memories associated with this ride :’/

Then there were the camel rides and the horse driven carriages (taanga).. Just as I finally got your chance to sit and take a ride, some uncle would appear and ask me to share it with his little son/daughter as the kid was afraid of taking it alone. I always feared the chants of “bhagao, bhagao” because those jumps were awkward and I always got side strain on my thighs and the jumps never helped it.

Between all this,  there was a Pathan bhai with Air shot gun and the balloons, a couple of stalls where around 10 items were set and we were given 5 rings which we can throw at those items and claim them. A huge crowd of kids at the hotel because it was their chance to spend their Eidi on soft drink while no one was watching them at home. Then there was always a person who a little white chewy thing with rainbow colours which was wrapped around a stick and it was delicious. That person also had a lot of amazing stuff like magic stuff and patakhay wali gun.


All three days of Eid, it is like the same just outside my door… All these things takes me back to my childhood and I want to live these moments once again. In fact, I did today. Thanks to some relatives 😀

Eid Mubarak everyone =)

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21st year

I just turned 22 a couple of days and already feel old. Very old. :/ Anyways, the year ended the way it started. In heartbreak. I thought I’d be done with my ACCA before but the heavens might want me to sit at home for six more months. A couple of days later I turned 21, I had failed in 2 out of 3 exams that I attempted that time and it is the same story this time around too. The only difference, it happened 10 days before my birthday. I may not show it to the world but it’s only me who knows how did it feel…

I would not call it the best or the worst year of my life. While recovering from the sorrow of failure and knowing that I had to sit at home for the next six months, I started this. Blogging. (Happy 1st Anniversary to my blog. Yayyyy.) Having secured only 66 marks in O Levels English, (they should have given me 3 more, considering what I did to the English language. If You Know What I Mean) I never thought that I’d be able to write blogs. I was never confident enough. Thanks to my best friend, her proof reading, that I posted my first blog. After writing enough now, I now read those first blogs of mine and feel the lameness in them. I seriously thanks all those people who have been following and (if) read those blogs. Is till make a lot of grammatical errors but I seriously don’t care.

Anyways, this blogging led me to become Section Head (Features) at KarachiTips blog and it has been a great experience since then. Our blog team, it is the best. I have made many friends and everyone of them has something special about them. In my partner, I found another best friend. The most mature teenager I have ever talked to.

The year was full of surprises too. I don’t know what got into me and I fought with a best friend. Thankfully, she came here to visit and we resumed talking again. Secondly, I went out. If you know what I mean. And the way it happened, people still don’t believe me. Thirdly, I was proposed. I had known it for long that the girl had hots for me and one night in February, she said it all. Guess I’m not a Forever Alone anymore.
The saddest part about this year, even more sadder than my results, I lost my great grandmother. She had been ill for so long. For 22 years I’ve seen her getting ill, fighting it bravely and then travelling all around Karachi to her children and grand children’s places. She was the eldest of all who gave me Eidi every year and gift on my Birthday. We used to do little jokes about her falling ill again and again but to be honest, she was the bravest women I have known up till now. I still remember the compliment she gave me last year when she was suffering from stomach problems and I drove her to my grandmother’s place. 😥
May Allah grant her Jannah and forgive all her sins if she ever did any.

Among with all these surprises and sorrows, this year has been fun too. With all those friends I have made from KT blog, I have had a really great time. I have gone out with them many times and it has been fun always. Our Twitter conversations have been awesome. Infact, I’m the one who has made most of them to start tweeting. I have found a great place to study. Dolmen Mall. Yeah !! I go there, play a couple of games of Crazy hoop and NFS Carbon and then I sit down to study with either some fried chicken, burger or pizza to accompany me. I started travelling in public buses. It has been one hell of an experience too. Standing all the, sitting in an empty bus or hanging from the door while there was a sandstorm outside, it has been purely awesome. As for my Twitter, Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United player) retweeted me once. I have gained around 200 followers. If you’re not even following me, join the awesomeness on the right side 😉

Eid Mubarak and Happy First Anniversary to my blog 😀

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Ramzan, Ramazan, Ramadan.. Whatever it is. It will always be Ramzan for me. Because that is what we have always heard.

Compared with last year, I know I haven’t prayed or respected this month like I did last year. I tried hard to stop swearing but there had been events which had made me use those words. I vowed to not watch movies, I perfectly fulfilled it. Music, sorry I can’t leave it. I have heard from those suddenly turned pious Muslims preaching about what will happen to me if I listen to the music while fasting. Somebody needs to tell them to stop swearing after preaching.

Quran. Alhamdulillah, at the moment I’m composing this, I have only one Siparah left and I’ll be done with it after the Jumma prayers.

Prayers. Missed one or two of them. last year, I had got that black mark on my forehead. Not this time time though 😥

One thing I couldn’t help this Ramzan is to control the pervert inside me. And well, Twitter helped in this cause too. I have suddenly developed this think with Coke. I get high when I drink a couple of glasses. While I had it during Iftar, couldn’t help it at all to use double meaning sentences #IfYouKnowWhatIMean.

The only thing because of which I’m proud of myself is that I avoided internet totally on the last 5 odd nights…

Bottom line, time passed with the speed of light. it’s already 28th day of Ramzan and Jumma tul Wida’a.. Alvida Alvida Maah e Ramazan 😥

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Ramzan, the Karachi way.

New topis on, ladies with scarves, and there you have everyone heading for Taraweeh. After all, the Mufti Sahab has announced about the sighting of moon while people were returning to their homes after Isha’ prayers…. As you see Chai Kay Hotel start piling up Parathay Kay Peray while on bakeries, it seems like Khajla Pehni is freely distributed (Do tell me if you know what do we call Khajla Pehni in English). Hello everyone, this how we Karachiites begin our Ramzan. 

After the first Sehri, every mosque is filled with Namazi Bhai  more than it is even on Fridays. You see those who never come near the mosque all year standing right behind Imaam Sahab and later giving you preaching lessons, MashaAllah brother.

What next after preaching? Oh yeah, its Kirkit boyses… All stuffed with food and as the cool morning breeze freshens us up, we never realise that we have to spend more than 14 hours without anything. All we end up doing after Kirkit is sleep the whole day. But if someone asks us to go out and bring some grocery for Iftar, then, “Roza lag raha hai.”  What the faaqa, bro??

Oh by the way, don’t forget to make up replies to that century old famous chuss of every chachu/mamun, “Roza Kidahr rakha? Fridge mein?

Then, we have the Sehri and Iftari deals being advertised on every single hoarding along with those APPEALS for Fitrah and Zakaat. The K-town never fails to amaze you with its uniqueness. So how could a Ramzan be complete without a controversy? We had one. Remember Espresso? The lady was not offered any place to pray while she was dining in at day time? That’s the beauty of K-Town.

Talk about Ramzan and no shopping? You’ve gotta be kidding me. That’s what Ramzan is for, no? Tariq Road, Hyderi, Water Pump, Park Towers, where ever you go, you’ll never find it deserted. Be it day time or post Iftari. In fact, there’s a new tradition now to test one of those Iftari deals and then continue shopping. Just recently I had an experience at Dolmen mall. There was no place to sit during Iftar time.

Another great thing about this Ramzan has to be 14th August. However, the celebrations of 14th August this time were not exactly like they used to be in previous years. Not many Jhandiyaan were seen this time around but the shopping centers were buzzing with patriotic songs on large speakers. I realised that the normal firing was also not as intense as it used to be in former years. Guess our over-enthusiastic boys were too busy shopping for Eid or doing poondi on silencer less bikes.

Ramzan in Karachi is a whole lot more fun than can be imagined. Those long lines before Iftari to buy samosay and pakoray, the crowd in the markets especially on the Chaand Raat, phadday on the road after someone trying to rush home before Iftari bumps into someone, all our Musalman Bhai gathering at Khatam-e-Quran to grab mithaayi, all those awesome people on main roads arranging Ifari for those who couldn’t reach their homes in time, the newly emerged food restaurants in markets, it is just more than you can ever think of. It is just a unique experience.

Alvida Alvida Maahe Ramazan 😥

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