Ramzan, the Karachi way.

15 Aug

New topis on, ladies with scarves, and there you have everyone heading for Taraweeh. After all, the Mufti Sahab has announced about the sighting of moon while people were returning to their homes after Isha’ prayers…. As you see Chai Kay Hotel start piling up Parathay Kay Peray while on bakeries, it seems like Khajla Pehni is freely distributed (Do tell me if you know what do we call Khajla Pehni in English). Hello everyone, this how we Karachiites begin our Ramzan. 

After the first Sehri, every mosque is filled with Namazi Bhai  more than it is even on Fridays. You see those who never come near the mosque all year standing right behind Imaam Sahab and later giving you preaching lessons, MashaAllah brother.

What next after preaching? Oh yeah, its Kirkit boyses… All stuffed with food and as the cool morning breeze freshens us up, we never realise that we have to spend more than 14 hours without anything. All we end up doing after Kirkit is sleep the whole day. But if someone asks us to go out and bring some grocery for Iftar, then, “Roza lag raha hai.”  What the faaqa, bro??

Oh by the way, don’t forget to make up replies to that century old famous chuss of every chachu/mamun, “Roza Kidahr rakha? Fridge mein?

Then, we have the Sehri and Iftari deals being advertised on every single hoarding along with those APPEALS for Fitrah and Zakaat. The K-town never fails to amaze you with its uniqueness. So how could a Ramzan be complete without a controversy? We had one. Remember Espresso? The lady was not offered any place to pray while she was dining in at day time? That’s the beauty of K-Town.

Talk about Ramzan and no shopping? You’ve gotta be kidding me. That’s what Ramzan is for, no? Tariq Road, Hyderi, Water Pump, Park Towers, where ever you go, you’ll never find it deserted. Be it day time or post Iftari. In fact, there’s a new tradition now to test one of those Iftari deals and then continue shopping. Just recently I had an experience at Dolmen mall. There was no place to sit during Iftar time.

Another great thing about this Ramzan has to be 14th August. However, the celebrations of 14th August this time were not exactly like they used to be in previous years. Not many Jhandiyaan were seen this time around but the shopping centers were buzzing with patriotic songs on large speakers. I realised that the normal firing was also not as intense as it used to be in former years. Guess our over-enthusiastic boys were too busy shopping for Eid or doing poondi on silencer less bikes.

Ramzan in Karachi is a whole lot more fun than can be imagined. Those long lines before Iftari to buy samosay and pakoray, the crowd in the markets especially on the Chaand Raat, phadday on the road after someone trying to rush home before Iftari bumps into someone, all our Musalman Bhai gathering at Khatam-e-Quran to grab mithaayi, all those awesome people on main roads arranging Ifari for those who couldn’t reach their homes in time, the newly emerged food restaurants in markets, it is just more than you can ever think of. It is just a unique experience.

Alvida Alvida Maahe Ramazan 😥

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