Rant. Rant. Rant.

27 Aug


So it’s happening again. That Prime Minister of Pakistan usually remembered as Raja Rental is invited by the Kaana CJ to the Supreme Court and as always and will be asked (read requested) to write the letter to Swiss officials. Who are you kidding with, Cheap Justice? For all these 4 years or so, it has been the same story. Order, appeal, order, review request, order and it’s going on and on and on… A month ago, after such a long sentence of HALF A MINUTE because of contempt of court, one of them was sent home. AFTER FOUR LONG YEARS. And now, the same will be repeated with the new one. It’s all part of the plan. With all these appeals, time will pass and then we’ll have the elections. Some new party will come, Zardari (read Kutta) will fly away to get some MEDICAL TREATMENT and then there’ll be new drama of issuing warrants for him, bringing him back to the jail and all the shit. 


Moving on, society shit now. When will we ever get rid of the sick mentality that a girl and boy can never be good friends and that if they talk and laugh with each other, there is something between them? Why do some people thing that if some person smiles at them, he/she like them? When will we ever get rid of those creepy dads who think that their daughters will fall in love if they ever go to co education system? When will we stop fixing our children’s marriage just as they are born? When will we listen to our children about what they want to do with their life and stop bossing on them and asking them to become what we had planned to but could never do it? When will we start thinking that marriage is not about bringing a servant for you with whom you can have sex too? When will we stop shutting up our children with “bachchon kay koi dard nahin hota” if they ever complain about some ill health? When will this society get over from those norms of the 17th century? World is landing “Curiosity” on Mars and we’re still beating up women because we don’t have an answer to their argument… Call me anything, I don’t care if I sound like a feminist here.


Some family shit now that I want to rant about. You can close the page if you want to. Till last year when my father suffered from a stroke, our place used to be a dispute solver. There were days when people stayed till 3 in the night and the disputes ran while I tried to stay away from all that in my room but it somehow reached my ears. It halted for some months as my father started to sleep early but now, it has started again. Any family dispute, they come here, debate and leave. What it does is that there dispute is solved, they live happily but the atmosphere of my home gets distracted. My father never likes it but he never says that too. All that mishap and the following mood swings, I’m at the end of them mostly. I now have this liberty to go out and sit with friends during loadshedding times. At least for a couple of hours, I try to throw it away from my mind but then it’s the same story… That will continue for a week or so and somehow I’ll have to cope up with it.


There was much much more to rant about tonight but thanks to some songs and a little turn up of events, I started trolling some people and forgot all those things revolving inside my mind. Cheers. 🙂


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