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From mobile…

Just because I didn’t take my mum to my grandmother’s place on last Sunday and told her later that night we would not be able to go there on the following Sunday too because of #PakvsInd, I have to post this unplanned, non-structured piece.

At this moment, I’m portraying a prisoner. Sitting beside the main entrance, among all the crap, trying to steal a mere one point of wifi nework to post this kind of ranting post. The reason behind sitting like this, I’m without my PC.

As told earlier, all that frustration was taken out on me late night last week. I was prepared for it but not that extreme. When I woke up in the morning, my CPU was gone. Thanks to the fucking maid. (She’ll have her share though after I get it back). Well, the basic reason behind this is that I don’t offer Namaz on time. Like if I have taken the responsibility to pray for every one in my home. I guess that’s the disadvantage of being quiet and listening to whatever that had been offered.

Rant’s over. Pardon me (only if you’re reading) for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Posting something via my phone for the very first time.

P.s. C’mon Team Green. Let’s beat the hell out of India. AGAIN. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

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Just another post on the craziest Cricket scene at the moment. T20 World Cup. Like every other (true) Pakistani Cricket supporter, I’m all pumped up for it. I have exams for the next three months but no, I’d never be bothered by it.

Since the first event in 2007, the world has known what Pakistan could do in the shorter format of the game. Finalist in 2007 (that freaking shot by Misbah), Winners in 2009 (That voice of David Lloyd saying “Boom Boom”) and Semi Finalist in 2010 (Hussey you **********) is enough to tell about how good they have been in this competition.

If this was the former Pakistani team, I’d have some doubts over them. But this is the fresh blood, well mixed with experienced campaigners like Afridi, Abdur Razzaq, Malik and Gul. Not to forget the magician and the best bowler in the world at the moment, Saeed Ajmal.

These four weeks will be fun. Many Pakistani fans will appear if they reach the semi finals. Screenings will be arranged, shirt sales will reach a new high while so many new brands will start to appear on Facebook newsfeed with their awkward type of supporting shirts for Team Pakistan. Memes. Fucking memes all over. Twitter, my timeline will be full of experts. I am one of them but at the end of the day I think that why do we do that. Is team management actually reading what we have to say? Are they taking everything into consideration? But just like every other Pakistani, I guess we will never stop.

Back to cricket now. This time, Pakistan is placed in Group D. Definitely, a group of Death, sharing it with New Zealand and Bangladesh. Over the years, Bangladesh had not been a problem at all but this time it’s different. Shakib, world’s best All-rounder. That midget Mushfiq is powerful too. At the open, Tamim is a totally different thing. They came closer twice to beat Pakistan in the Asia Cup. Then we have NZ. There might be so many new names but this team has just beaten the big mouthed, over confident cunts India in their own backyard. So yeah, this will be a test too.

Whatever the scenario will be, deep down I know that I’ll be watching every match till the very last ball because of this hopeless love story of mine with the most unpredictable Cricket team. It can win a long lost match and can lose a match which it had dominated for 95% of the time. Best of Luck Pakistan. Let’s bring back the cup where it belongs ♥

I hope we see this sight once again. Best of luck.

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Emos all around

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, everywhere you see, there is some emo in your newsfeeed or timeline. They say that I don’t know about it. Dude, I have been through much worse. You don’t know the pain of losing brothers and friends every couple of years… Anyways, I’m not writing it to share my sorrows and everything.

According to my estimation, almost 80% of people are depressed because of love. Seriously people? For just a single person, you keep on ranting? Get sad? Do you ever realise what’s happening around you when you’re sinking into this low mode? For just one freaking person who you’re not sure about if he/she will be there with you for your whole lifetime, you’re missing on these wonderful days of your life.

I have been there. I have had those type of days but when I got back to my mind, I only realised that I was at the fault. I expected way too much then how it actually was. I was kind of blindfolded.

Get your ass up kids. Your time is not worth for one fucking bitch or bastard. Look around you. Your parents, friends and those who actually care about you. While  you’re weeping for one, someone else who is there to care for you is also being hurt.

I advise everyone to get a best friend. With whom you can just rant, cry, laugh and do everything you want to. I respect my best friends a lot because they have been there for me every time I wanted to rant. Even though one of them doesn’t even regard me as their best friend.

Anyways, all you emos, you get this life only once. Live it to the fullest. Don’t be fucking sad. Give up on sad songs. Go out, have fun. Be a child. Ride on those amusement park rides. Think like a pervert. It will definitely bring a smile on your face. Eat chocolate. Lots and lots of it. This is the time of your life which you should be enjoying. Later, you’ll have the tensions of your boss, family, kids and everything. Live it now or you’ll regret it for your whole lifetime. CHIN UP, SMILE AND FUCK THE PERSON WHO HAS MADE YOU SAD. literally.

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What I have been called

Our society is weird. We never call our children with their real names. with the name, a nick is always brought up. Whether it is in school, family or work, no one has a single name… Because of being short and overweight, I have been called with many names.. The ones I remember are set out below..Miyan Jee: My parents named me because I resembled like fucking Nawaz Shareef when I was younger. Wtf.Zainy: That’s what my Khalas used to call me. I want those days back 😥

Khan: How the hell did I look like a Pathan?

Quiad e Azam: Because I once participated in a school function for 14th August

Chintoo: FML for that -.-

Creepy Stalker: I like that. Earned it from a best friend. Truly defines me.

Weird, Funnily Weird, Kuttay, Ugly, Lame, Idiot, Prick, Creep, Gay baby, Badtameez, Cheap, Mailay, Stupid, Pain in the ass, Cute.. This is what my best friend has labelled me with and the best one with which she calls me, ZEE.

p.s. Thank you everyone for this LOVE.


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