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30 Sep

Just because I didn’t take my mum to my grandmother’s place on last Sunday and told her later that night we would not be able to go there on the following Sunday too because of #PakvsInd, I have to post this unplanned, non-structured piece.

At this moment, I’m portraying a prisoner. Sitting beside the main entrance, among all the crap, trying to steal a mere one point of wifi nework to post this kind of ranting post. The reason behind sitting like this, I’m without my PC.

As told earlier, all that frustration was taken out on me late night last week. I was prepared for it but not that extreme. When I woke up in the morning, my CPU was gone. Thanks to the fucking maid. (She’ll have her share though after I get it back). Well, the basic reason behind this is that I don’t offer Namaz on time. Like if I have taken the responsibility to pray for every one in my home. I guess that’s the disadvantage of being quiet and listening to whatever that had been offered.

Rant’s over. Pardon me (only if you’re reading) for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Posting something via my phone for the very first time.

P.s. C’mon Team Green. Let’s beat the hell out of India. AGAIN. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

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