The curious case of Pakistani media…

03 Oct

I’m not a student of mass communication or any media related degree programme but what I see almost every day, it has made me to express my opinion on this topic. From interviews of celebrities every day to discussing pregnancy issues and chatting with 8 months old pregnant women on live TV, this is what has happened to Pakistani media since there was a boom in early 2000s.

With the emergence of Geo and ARY networks, it was hoped that the true image of Pakistani media will be portrayed after we had so many years of what the Capitol (Government) wanted to show the world. Sad to say that just like our Cricket team, after a kick start, we are already on our way towards a big collapse.

First, it was the entertainment channels who started adopting Indian style of dramas/soaps and awkward editing. Our society was already spoiled by Indian media and all we did was to provide a helping hand to it. Telecasting Indian reality shows when we could have started one in our own country.

Morning shows. I remember the time when the morning show had started at 7 am just for the school going kids so that they go happily to school after watching a cartoon. It was a great idea to start calling celebrities for the interviews early morning and promotion of their activities. All credit to Nadia Khan though who assured that there is some innovation always and people don’t get bored. Since she left this job, it has been a serious downfall. All we had were just people getting married week after week. Dancing hosts, cheap comedy and one poor Amjad Sabri singing Qawalies and wedding sons on every single channel. What one channel did, was soon followed by another channel. They didn’t just stop here. Then there was a series of raiding dating spots in Karachi, shows on reality of paranormal stuff, black magic and now, the worst. Live Goud Bharayee.

Are they serious? Do the producers or channel owners have any sense? This is not some foreign country where programme ratings will be respected for even a bit. Seriously, who does live Goud Bharayee and answer questions about how are they managing or enjoying pregnancy on live TV? Moreover, today there were sitting 7 or 8 months pregnant women with their husbands and they were being interviewed.. All sorts of things were happening. Men being asked to show the love for their pregnant wives and everything. Like seriously, aren’t there any ethics or rules?

Dramas. Although they have brought some great talent in showbiz but is it the Indian style that we wanted? Some serial has been running for 3 years now and I don’t if anyone still watches it. Some of the new serials, hats off to them for portraying the true image of our society especially when it comes to the lower class or lower middle class people but there will always be some Indian influence. Take reality shows for example. When they could have started their own shows, they are telecasting Indian shows and our public is so immature that they are sending SMS to local channels about who in their opinion should win, rather than concentrating on the fact that it has already been finished long time ago.

There’s so much to write about but I guess I’ll just stick to entertainment part onle. Be back later with the news/information part.


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3 responses to “The curious case of Pakistani media…

  1. S.

    October 3, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    I agree. No limits have been left uncrossed to the land of ridiculousness. Very nicely written, also.

  2. Afreen

    October 4, 2012 at 1:35 AM

    Awesome writeup


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