The curious case of Pakistani media…. Part 3

06 Oct

Entertainment and News aside, they are now using religion to make money and get famous. Just as they officially announce the sighting of moon, all those singers turned naat khwaan are seen on TV screens. Those who act/appear wearing sleeveless come in full hijaab and no one seem to have better knowledge of Islam than them.

All of the above described shit have no comparison to what these Islamic Scholar turned celebrities do. All to get those TRPs. I guess everyone knows what goes around for more than 6 hours in Ramazan every year. Bringing up sad stories so that people can donate to their trusts. The jack of all, those special prayers on sacred nights. Every one knows who is the pioneer of it. even after a leaked video, people are defending him. The dua hasn’t even started he starts crying like a baby. Dude, get a life, seriously. It totally looks fake. But our public is to be blamed for it too. Don’t we have any sense at all? Or are we blindfolded by such pious people that we will never question their integrity?

Where does this all Islamic appearance go just as the Chaand Raat is announced? It’s all dancing and music on Eid day. No one ever shows if those people for whom the aids were collected have celebrated their Eid happily or not.

What we need is a serious revolution in our media. We have advanced ourselves way too early. When we could have taken this opportunity to spread our culture and show the talent to the world, all we are doing is to show the Indian culture. Their reality shows, their movies and their award shows. We have adopted their style of reporting too. Taking Cricket for example, when we win, celebrations and songs all around and whenever we lose, we just can’t do anything but criticise the team and management. We forget what the players have done for the team and just for one loss, the media lose all the respect for them. We need to bring out ethics, rules and regulations about the conduct of these anchors, morning show hosts and news channels. Everyone, producer, director, anchor should be held accountable for something which is wrong. This is not western world and to hell with globalisation, we should be portraying our culture and norms. There was something about “geo Asool” but I guess like every other thing that was proposed for the betterment of this country, has been thrown in the trash. It’s never too late for a change.


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