Quotes 2

19 Oct

Too damn bored, nothing to do at all. (I have to study but, **** them). So, another collection of some words that I randomly say and people end up Retweeting/starring them.

Chocolate is the only thing that will never ditch you for loving it.

Kuchh lougon ki shakal k saath saath zabaan bhi manhus hoti hai. Aisa aik shakhs har khandaan mein paaya jaata hai !

Think like a pervert when you’re deeply stressed. It will surely bring a smile on your face out of no where !

Yeh dunya beghairton ka mela hai. Kisi se hum beghairiti se pyar karte hain, koi beghairat hamari qadar bhi nahin karta.

Everyone hates for a reason. Hate without a is secret love !

Coke. Coke Halal Sharaab hai.

Be nice to those who truly knows you. Otherwise, the world works with a stick.

Such a lovely, f****** bitch insomnia is.

For some in our society, Nikah Nama is just an official license to fuck.

Memories. They make sure they haunt you once in a while.

Life has its own ways of flirting with you.

Confusing questions are the first step towards recognising your love.

There are people around who will always find some sense in your insanity.

There’s a limit for everything. If we get over ambitious, we’ll lose it for when we need it the most.

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