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If you’re able to crack everything that’s written, I’ll give you whatever you’ll ask me.

p.s. These are supposed to be my most important notes.

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Love is in the air ♥

Here they are. From love with Quetta. Chilling, flirting with us. They have made us to wait for so long. These winds, announcing the return of short winter season for Karachi.  As you wish to stay inside a blanket with a book and a mug of hot chocolate/coffee beside you. But for me, this is night has something special.

On nights like this, you wish to walk along the beach, holding hands and sharing the deepest secrets of your life with that someone special ♥

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This is the most important thing that i need to put on paper and learn for my exam in about 2 weeks. Tell me if you can read anything. Even I fail sometimes.

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Why I shouldn’t study…

Bhae dekho. Ab tum barrey ho, toh tum studies complete karogey, phir job karogey toh busy hojao gey 9-5 most prolly, phir, engagement hojayegi tumhari tou unn madam ko bhi attention deni hogi. Phir shadi hojaye gi tou phir tum poorey uncle hogey, Isliye, don’t study.

No one else can come up with a better reason than this to not study. Aaloo, teri cuteness ❤

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A new beginning…

100th post. It has to be somewhat special by my standards. Never really thought that I’ll be able to achieve this feat when I started blogging just for timepass about a year ago, considering my awesome English which earned me a D in O Levels. There are still my old posts available with which you can compare the lameness. For example, uploading a form for girls to apply to be my ‘sweetheart’ before my exams were about to  start. I don’t think I was high while I composed that piece.

Moving on from lameness, I have now this idea of starting a series of blogs. Inside these pieces of artistic beauties, there travel hundreds of stories everyday. I know I’ll be having free time so I decided to put these stories in words. Watch out this space, a series named Mazda Diaries will begin after 7th December, featuring every little interesting conversation/story I eavesdrop on my bus journeys. Lets see if things can go according to the plan, I have never been so excited in eavesdropping before.

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Tax, Audit, Accounts and Business Shit.

Exam tomorrow morning and I’m stuck in a Partnership question so I decided to write about some things I’m spending my days with till 7th December.

Nevermind, just as I started this post, I was able to solve what was bothering me. Back some time later, got loads to practice.

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Too much caring is harmful…

I’m going through a writer’s block. Just to take my frustrations out.

My Eid ul Fitr was ruined by some family shit. The only difference on Bakra Eid was that the incident happened on 2nd day. All Eid holidays were spent at home while I tried to study for my exams. Since then, people have been saying that I have not been the same person. I realised it too. I have been quiet. Not enjoying anything at all. Even the BBQ party with friends. Tried to be back on cricket field today. Didn’t do anything else than conceding 18 runs in an over. And now here I am, with a book open in front of me, out of anything to do. Craving to listen to sad songs and breaking that promise with myself to not go to that emo mode again. Just finished up completing a sad songs playlist.

Realised another thing tonight that I care too much for everyone. Too fucking much. And it always end up people appreciating (asking to shut the hell up) me for it. I can’t see anyone sad, that’s my weakness but gotta realise that I have no responsibility to cheer up every single person. Yeah, someone surely needs to put that inside me.

Pray for me that I start studying. Praying for my exams won’t help if I never really start studying.



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