Mazda Diaries: CNG Blues

06 Dec

Feels good to be back writing. I had planned to start it after my exams, last one tomorrow but the conversations I heard today had me tempted to put it online.

CNG issues have been increased lately and almost everyone gets affected by it. Be it a public transport passenger or a private car owner, waiting in long lines or hanging for dear life on tilted buses to get back home, life has been somewhat miserable on couple of days CNG is not available.

Today, when CNG was finally available after a couple of days, this was a hot topic in public buses. Here’s one conversation I hardly managed to listen to while travelling.

“Yeh hukumat ne uchh nahin kara. Pehle itne CNG station bana diye, phir ab khatam kar rahay hain CNG. Ab barri gfaariyon (buses) per khatam kardain ge CNG, chhoti gariyon per rehne dain ge. Ghareeb aadmi kay liye tou kuchh karna he nahin hai na.”

Second person joins in “Pata nahin kartay kya hain? Jab CNG laga he rahay thay tou Japan, China se line letay na Gas ki. Pehle line letay phir CNG laatay taakay khatam he nahin hoti”

I couldn’t do anything but smile at the cuteness of our public following this discussion.

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