Mazda Diaries: An Appeal

17 Dec
Mazda Diaries: An Appeal

I have observed many people during my journeys in buses who boards the bus at one stop, tell their problems in a manner that some emotional person will melt and give them some money. All this is a matter of one stop and after gathering Rs. 10- 20, the leave in search of another bus at the next stop. There had been aged people, people with kids hanging or holding some medical reports.

Today, I saw one of a different kind. He was (apparently) deaf and asked for help in a manner that many had never thought about.



I was astounded by this piece of brilliance. At first, the man distributed the cards to each person and then went to the women’s compartment to explain that he is deaf and mute and then started collecting money. By the time he took all the cards back, he had collected around Rs. 40 within a single stop.

P.s. Not making fun of any one here but just as I read the card, I opted for observing a minute’s silence for what had been done to the beautiful (English) language.

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