Still hopeful….

13 Jan

Shehzad Roy was right in that song some years back. Since I have gained my senses, all I have heard in news/politicians speaking is “Pakistan tareekh k nazuk tareen dour se guzar raha hai”.

The real question is, why doesn’t this crucial period ever end? You so much wanted the dictator to go and bring the democratic government and an unbiased chief justice so that matters will come back to normal. Your wish was granted. Can you tell me what exactly did this democratic government give you? What exactly were you expecting from a person who used to black cinema tickets and was spending time in jail because of countless corruption cases? Did you think that he’ll be another Nelson Mandela and change the state of the country?

All this democratic government has done in this tenure is to just blow up this country. They sold our sovereignty to foreigners. Thousands of people have been killed all over the country in bomb blasts and target killings. People have been killed while standing in long queues to get flour and sugar during fasting. Flood victims had been left unheard in open spaces surrounded by water without anyone. The country is being attacked from east, west and most of all, from inside. All they have done is to ban the mobile phones and THANK the terrorists for not attacking processions at the Ashura  or Eid gatherings.

As much as the government is responsible for this bad state of the country, we are equally responsible for this. As someone tries to raise voice, there comes a flock of keyboard warriors, bringing out all the negative things that person has done in the past. Why can’t you people just appreciate a good step that has been taken? If you had been thinking about the COUNTRY, you’d have never let these people remain in the offices for 5 years. All we do is to post statuses/tweets about some bomb blast or target killings with RIP and then continue with our lives. Take recent example. If those people who have lost about 100 relatives/family members inside 20 minutes had not decided to sit with the dead bodies, no one had bothered to know about what happened with them. All we had done was to tweet RIP, curse those charged with governance and moved on with our lives, planning for the weekend. Why? Just because it didn’t happen to your family. And those responsible of the government, well, are sleeping in a foreign country, not even bothering to send a statement or either hiding behind concrete walls, too scared to live near mountains because of some fucked up prediction.

If we were really concerned about our country, we’d have taken the example of Egypt and created a Tahreer Square ourselves. Oh and I know what you’re thinking right now. Yes, I’m not an exception to this. I’m typing all these rants while resting on a chair and listening to the songs. This is the same attitude and the reason why these corrupt people have run this country for 5 years and I should be equally blamed for it. But still, I’m hopeful for this country. I still believe that some messiah will come from among us, the youth, drag us back from the hell and show the world that this country has the potential to be regarded as one of the top nations in the world. We can still make 2013 a much better year than 2012. We can save this country for those 100+ people who have lost their lives in past two days and thousands of those who have lost their lives since this internally generated war has started. We can go out and vanish these sectarian differences among us. We call this Islamic Republic of Pakistan but what exactly according to Islamic principles in being done here? Be better humans. That’s all Islam asks you to be. It’s never too late. Start acting because there is still some hope left ! Make it a better country for your future generations.


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