A tale of a failure

08 Feb

Arranging all the stationery, checking the availability of required documents, he headed to the bed at 4 AM, fully prepared for his exam in 8 hours. he had hoped to wake up after a good long sleep by noon so that he’ll be fresh for a 3.25 hours exam. He was lost in the sleep when suddenly some shouts woke him up. It was his brother and mother arguing early morning. He tried hard to sleep after the argument was over but the insomnia just allowed him to roll over the bed infinite times before he finally decided to leave the bed, have some coffee and blabbered with himself about the lack of sleep.

Exactly two months later, he again woke up early morning. This time, without any help of a loud argument. He was shivering, having this strange feeling inside, mixed with fear. He had no exam that day but still, there was some thing that was bugging him. He tried hard to drag the fear out of his mind. Gave himself false thoughts that every thing will be okay but something was there that was never able to accept it. All he did was to roll again till he could access the internet and check his result. There it was, the fear inside him. He had failed in his exam. That too, a very bad failure.

He covered himself up inside the blanket to curse himself for this and cry it out. Again, his life  and body betrayed him. He tried hard to let it out but he could never. All because of a stupid vow he made with himself to be strong, no matter how much hardness attacks. All he did again was to roll over the bed, trying to take out all the frustration through salt water but never was able to do it. You should not be so much strong because there will come a time a when you’ll need to weep out your problems but the dryness will never allow you to do it. Only the sound of Azaan made him to get up and head to the mosque for Friday prayers as he tries to put it behind him and move on.

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One response to “A tale of a failure

  1. Sana

    February 8, 2013 at 8:36 PM

    Things like failure happen =)
    Your friends believe in you, you should too. I like that u got back up, have hope =)
    and let it out, no need to be so strong… cry it out, Allah miyan is always there and we are His creation.


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