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I’m not expressive. I may seem too strong enough to not give a damn but there’s something inside me which feels the pain. I still remember that moment when I was jumping, filled with joy, because of you. I had thought of so many because of the planner I was. I had imagined our future. I had seen us playing cricket together after I had coached you and you were a lot better than me. I had imagined you standing beside me on our school result day and I’d show off. All those plans were there for just 3 days. People always said that you’re being given treatment. All I managed to see was the tube where you were. RIP, Jibran. Though I never saw you but you’ll always be missed. If I got in heaven, I’m sure we’ll make every single thing happen that I had planned.

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“WHY THE FUCK YOU DON’T FALL IN LOVE?!” She asked, while being high, discussing her love life…..

“Love. It’s for the lucky people. I tried. I’m not lucky enough.” He replied.

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Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I haven’t really done this thing before apart from just writing some words at goodreads.. So it was my best friend who made me read this by asking me every day if I have read it or not. Anyways, back to the book.

The book is indeed beautiful. How a girl suffering from cancer and thinks of herself as a grenade founds the most perfect guy for her, how he uses his life wish for her so that she can meet her favorite author who has gone to Netherlands even though he has just got to know that he will not have much longer to live for, just for the girl, whose (remaining) life’s mission is to get all those questions answered by the author of the book. It tells about the true love as the guy leaves behind some of his feelings for the girl to the author so that he can write a eulogy for her because he did not last the girl he loved.

On the other hand, I disliked the book. I simply hate emo stuff. Specially where people die. That is why I have hated Chamber of secrets and Half blood prince for their endings. The thing behind it is that I have experienced losing people at such a young age. I don’t want someone else to experience it. It hurts so badly to think of someone giving you memories and going away from you forever. Same goes for the books. I don’t think of them as fictional characters any more. I start believing that this is all real. The worst thing is that I’m a dry person. I just can’t cry to take that out and then it bugs me inside.

Any ways, you should read this book. Just like a couple of other people that I know, you will love it.

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