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Why I will not vote for MQM

On special request of Miss TH, I have decided to share my take on the elections tomorrow.

The constituency I’m based in, NA-246, I guess it is safe to say that it’s MQM’s fort. The constituency covers MQM’s markaz 90 and I guess every sane person knows what to expect. We don’t see any other party campaigning or even their candidate’s name from here.

It has been happening in the past that the polling station have these MQM people, who asks you to hand them the ballot paper and he’ll mark it himself. Obviously, on that detested kite.

I had supported MQM with all my heart till they had these representatives in local bodies and I LOVE Mustafa Kamal for what he did to this beautiful city. But since then, all these youm-e-soug, killing 100s of people in a week, threatening to leave the government, closing down the city next day and then, bang, the negotiations are done overnight and its all good.

That aside, I FUCKING HATE THEIR KARKUN. Mouths filled with gutka, directing people from roads as if its their owned property. Even a mechanic will be literate than these so called tehreeki saathi. They have blocked the main road for the safety of their unit office. The main market which had almost 100 people every time now looks deserted. God knows how much loss they’re suffering because of these goons.

Here’s a little preview of how I have been labeling them.

And when there were these so called Youm e Soug after every other day

Things got realy worse when I was returning back home after a 6 hour long class, only to find out that these bastards have blocked the roads.

And the very next day, my mom had something in store too.

After going through all this, I will never vote for MQM. Be it any one, but not MQM.

p.s. If you’re in Karachi, PLEASE GO AND VOTE. If not, they’ll make sure your vote has been cast.

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