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Down the memory lane….

How often has it happened that you put some memory in a corner of your brain, for a long and a much needed nap but somehow, somewhere, some person, some place, wakes it up and it replays all over in your mind? The worst thing about it is that in the following days, you somehow manage to re visit all those places or re collect every single thing associated with that memory and a new stream of grief runs inside you.

I say it’s pre-planned. You’re required to have a certain dream and then the way is made for you to go through all of it again. All the stuff that you have buried, comes up one by one, in your face, taking you back to where you were stranded, wanting you

Nature. It screws you with a well implemented plan.

Memories. They make sure they haunt you till the very last breath.

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“Our past is like an abandoned corpse. It stays fresh for a while but as it starts to decompose, it takes you out with the filth too. It is, at that moment, that you should bury it and move on, securing your remaining life.”

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Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper

I wanted it to be non depressing after I read ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. It pretty much lived up to it, and then, the end. What the hell did Jodi Picoult think? It wasn’t like a stream of tears rolled down, leaving me in shambles to not think about what has actually happened, (because I think I’m made of graphite. It sucks. Sometimes.) but, is it really necessary to kill someone to make the book a bestseller? Can’t there just be a happy ending?

A girl who has just hit teenage, becomes brave enough to file a lawsuit against her parents while her elder sister is about to die and she is the only one who can save the sister, the judge appoints a guardian-ad-litem who happens to be the girl’s attorney’s lover (Judi must be watching some Bollywood flick while writing it) and just as the girl wins the case, on a rainy day, she meets with an accident and passes away. At the end, the other sister, who nearly died, lives like nothing ever happened to her.

4 out of 5 stars for the whole book, except the passage after the judge’s ruling.

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“You never lose your abilities. They just hide inside you to take a nap”

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A moment of silence…

Democracy in Pakistan. After apparently, free and fair elections that were held on 11th May, 2013. And what is the result of it? Same people who have been playing with the fate of this country for the past 2 decades have been elected again.

So Mian Mohammad Nawaz Shareef was elected Prime Minister yesterday. Same Nawaz Shareef who hijacked a plane. Same NS who nearly sold Kargil to our arch rivals (read favorite nation) India. Same NS who made a deal with the dictator and ran away to Saudia so that he can’t be trialed. Same NS whose nominated Finance Minister arranged all these international debts 5 years ago before stepping out of the government. Same NS who indirectly amended the constitute so that he can take the PM’s office for the third time. Unless it’s a dictator, have you ever seen some leader, all around the world, take the highest ranked post for the third time?

On the other hand, the person he took the oath from. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. The person who used to black tickets at Cinemas in 70s to earn a living. The same A2Z who was jailed for a decade under corruption cases. Same A2Z who has hijacked a party of ‘Bhutto’. Same Zardari who has millions of dollars and what not in those Swiss bank accounts that was never disclosed.

Hum Pakistanion ki qismat :)

Hum Pakistanion ki qismat 🙂

But we are totally involved in this crime too. If we had woken up, made a Tahreer Square, this hadn’t happened. All we did was to crticise the person who gathered a long march because he was dual national. Can anyone tell me if any other political leader of this country is not a dual national? And so many complaints about the rigging in elections, did we stand up against it? And the jack of them all, loadshedding. For over 5 years and counting, did we ever stand up against the loadshedding? All we could do was to be keyboard warriors, troll politicians all over social media, share our views, go at the sit ins to capture pictures and be cool and nothing else. Our lives continued. We brought alternatives but not the solution to the problems. And like you, I hold myself completely responsible for this too.

Oh and I have something else for you too.

Seriously. A moment of silence for all Pakistanis.

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Record a provision.

If you are an accountant or a finance student, you must know what does the title mean. If not, dude, seriously, record a provison of your life. Oh wait..
For all others, no, I’m not explaining. I have to explain many things tomorrow for 3 hours, with my worse than doctors handwriting and as this post will continue, it will contain more technical terminologies.

Still reading? Woah. You must be bored ( at least by now) or you are one of those who don’t rant about mondays. In case of the former, please sleep. In case of the latter, hi5 *pulls hand away at the last moment* Khekhekhe. Muttley Zindabad.

Nuff ov gRumPy k3wln3ss. Dat ws ma k3wlx version. Okay. Enough. *add some more shit*. You probably must have slept by now. Mission accomplished. YeeHaa.

Back to technical terms now. So I have an auditing exam at 2 today and most probably, a very heated argument to settle after my last post. I brought it on myself. I lyk 2 play wid fire. Reblog or cumment if u cryd.

So in regard of that exam, having a vast experience of failing in the previous 2 atempts (fuck you, markers) and comparing my prep at the moment, I think I need to record a provision according to closing forex rates, because, Prudence rules.

You are still waiting for the best part? Okay. Here it is. The provision will be converted into a liability on the Eid day. How awesome is that?! And as for now and near future, I don’t have any resources to settle that liability. So now this raises a serious concern over the going concern assumption. Lol. I just have a single asset. I don’t have a manipulated and heavy balance sheet like Veena and I seriously don’t think that any one in their right frame of mind would like to have the possession of my asset to settle against the liability. I might just have wrote some thing there that will make it easy for people to troll me.

So, umm, pray if you want to for me that I eventually reverse this provision come the Eid day and bless you all with a happy post announcing my affiliation with ACCA.

P.s. You just experienced a lame post. Take examples and don’t waste time (write blogs) on night before exams.

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Exams. Again. And some rants.

As the title suggests, yeah, Exams. So I’m in search of any thing that can keep me hooked to the books  away from the books. And in the midst of writing this, when I had some ideas of making it witty, describing types of people on social media (because this is is the new cool thing for bloggers), I have been pissed off by an argument. Topic: Tharkipan.

So I saw this girl at Dolmen yesterday, we exchanged smiles for about 10 minutes, I was about to give her my number and then, chhun se jo tootay koi sapna. It was like a rishta scene. The worst part, the guy. As if he was exhibiting his cleavage. Yaar banday cool ho likin itna bhi girebaan na kholay kay poori vest (banyan) tak nazar aanay lagay -_- Aur sab se ziada ghussa mujhe uss larki ki choice per aaya. Itni cute smile per aisi choice. Sach he kaha hai kisi ne, pyaaar waqayee andha hota hai.

Advice: If you’re a guy reading this, please think a million times before making a girl best friend. 

And now the worst part. I was complained about that I don’t share any thing. And now when I did yesterday, there was an instant change in mood. Short replies. Not much talks and then I was labelled Tharki. As if I’m not already. But tharki only because I tried to approach a girl in a mall. And framing girls all over the internet with word play and making them share their digits is what you call depends on the intention.

I will now be a show off and post some tweets regarding this. Follow me if you’re not already. 500th follower will get a special treat and if it’s a girl, she will have the honor of dating me, place of her choice, obviously paying for herself though. LOL? No, not kidding,

Any ways, I got what I wanted. Wasted my time. Its nearly 2.30 am and I have an exam in less than 3 days. And I’m confused about if I should be practicing those questions or working on my such an awesome handwriting that even I fail to read at times. Do tell me.

I’ll most probably blog after a week now. AND MAZDA DIARIES WILL BE BACK WITH A BANG ! Watch out for it.

Aik intehayi darjay ka tharki aur shoqeen mizaaj insaan,

Zee Bee Aai urf Chocolate Charsi


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