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The dilemma

Love. It could either be the most beautiful or the worst thing that could happen to a person. It has the tendency to bring unlimited and uncontrollable smile on the face or to send you in a never ending depression, ruining the best part of your life.

It just happens. You never know how and when did it happen but, BAM! You find yourself having little goosebumps and feel your heart skip while talking to that person. No matter how easily you can flirt with others, you always seem to fail to bring the correct words and there’s always a slight fear of ruining it. As you lie down to sleep, you visualise all the happy moments with the person, all the words you want to say to them, only to disappoint yourself at the end by not bringing a single one of it to your tongue.

It’s more of a dilemma when you are very good friends with that person but just can’t bring yourself to confess it. How’d you react if out of nowhere, the person who you love, being your very good friend, asks you if you’re in love, while you’re just always happily pretending to not care about love at all? How’d you react if that same person asks you to share with them first if you ever fall in love? How’d you hold yourself if you have this strong urge to scream and tell the world and specially that person that you’re living for them only? Just how’d you bring yourself to waive it off with a smile, telling that you were only joking and you just don’t want to be in love, just because of the fear that you might hurt that person if you confess right away?

I’m now getting sick of this dilemma. I want to end it. I just want to confess it to her. But again, there’s this thought and fear of losing her even as a friend which halts that strong urge inside me to scream and tell to the world about how much I love her and I’m left again to face it, to make sure I make her keep smiling and don’t offer a single sorrow, to enjoy the best part of having her trust me and discuss her issues with me, to create little moments with her which cherish and satisfy me while I think of her, to keep a collection of those moments and wait for that day where I could review them all with her. The dilemma continues and I keep fearing if I’ll lose her to somebody else.


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Special treats

Special people. They are indeed very special. For some people, they may be annoying or they may act like a fatal disease will be transferred to them even if they shake hands with the special person. To be honest, these Specials are more hilarious, wittiest, intelligent and beautiful than all us normal people.

I don’t go to the mosque much often apart from Fridays or during Ramadan but for at least last 6 years that I have been going for Taraweh, I have been watching this guy, present there, every single day. He talks with broken words, conveys his messages by hand gestures, and feels to be more devoted than any other person present there. All he would ask for is for the Jaaye Namaz (Prayer Mat) and if you give it to him, you’re his best friend. He’ll randomly poke at you, grab your Topi to have a little laugh, ask you to stand up and join the imam rather than sitting and standing up the ruku. He’d randomly put his head on your shoulder, pretending to be resting, only to wipe off his sweat on your clothes and then laughing it off. If he sees someone sleeping in the mosque, he’d go near him and pretend that the person has passed away and pray for his forgiveness. He’d ask you to pray for him that he gets married and have a couple of kids, all in sign language. He’d tell you what he had for Iftar by counting on his fingers and tell you proudly of doing the Iftar at the mosque. At the end of the Taraweh, he’d fold the mat, hand it to you and pat on your back while announcing to almost everyone present there that you’re his best friend.

As much as he loves people, he hates them equally too. Specially those who tries to make fun of him. Refuse him what he asks to do and he’ll immediately show you the little finger, as you call it in urdu Kutti (Not the bitch !) Hojana. If you bother him while he’s praying, he’ll immediately turn, cuss a couple of words and do the PONKA gesture.

Some of my friends mock at me because I share my prayer mat with him or that he goes around in the mosque announcing that I’m his best friend but the truth is that the spiritual happiness that comes up with those little pats or the smile on his face, I never feel it like anywhere else. There is some brightness and hope hidden in that smile.

If you ever get a chance, try to spend time with such people. You may learn some things in life and have the honor of experiencing the wit and IQ that you may never find in a normal person. A smile may contain a million prayers and praises that they will never be able to tell you the way you want to listen.

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“وقت ایسی بے لگام چیز یے جو کسی کو کسی بھی وقت لگام لگا دے”

“Waqt aisi bey lagaam cheez hai jo kisi ko, kisi bhi waqt lagaam laga de”

“عزت تو آنی جانی چیز ہے۔ جس کو ملنی ہوگی ، اس کے پاس نہ ہوتے ہوۓ بھی آجائگی۔ ورنہ آج کل تو بے عزت کی زیادہ عزت ہے”

“Izzat tou aani jaani cheez hai. Jis ko mlni hogi uss kay paas na hotay huay bhi aajaye gi. Warna aaj kal tou bey izzat ki ziada izzat hai”

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Book Review: Misery by Stephen King

Book Review: Misery by Stephen King

Annie Wilkes -noun: A crazy ass bitch who will go to any extent to harm the person who has depressed her.

Wow. The book is a beauty. A perfect novel with a perfect plot, suspense, brutality, unexpectedness, thrill, it has everything. A nurse who has found her favorite writer in a wrecked state, brings him home rather than taking him to hospital, treats him with dope, makes him burn his manuscript which he thought will prove to be a bestseller and then makes him write a book for herself only, because he had killed her favorite character in the previous novel. She is crazy, stubborn, strong and as much as one would hate to say, SMART. She is Annie Wilkes and this is what she can do to you if you depress her.


So all you cockadoodie brats, who have not yet read this book, do it as soon as possible or else, you’ll find a wife or a best friend like Annie Wilkes.

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