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Moments, when you wish to scream out loud and confess to the world, your love for someone…

Moments, when you wish to dedicate each and every song to that person…

Moments, when you leave everything, just to give full attention to that someone..

Moments, when everything in your life makes sense while you’re with that one person…

Moments, when you want to wake someone up in middle of their sleep and tell them that you miss them…

Moments, when all you want is to point to that person, bragging that your world only revolves around them…

Moments, when you lie down and a life with that person runs through your mind…

Moments, when all you want is that one person in your life…

Only to be disappointed by the flashing reality in your face… Moments, that may never become the moments you cherish for.

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Ik un ki raah takte takte aankhain sookh gayeen…

Woh bey wafa nahin, yaqeenan hum he koi khataa kar bethay thay.

اک ان کی راہ تکتے تکتے آنکھیں سوکھ گئیں۔۔۔

وہ بے وفا نہیں، یقیناً ہم ہی کوئی خطا کر بیٹھے تھے۔

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“It was awesome while it began. Gradually paced, becoming fun, being closer to you as much as I could, all that I wanted. We had our twists and turns between it but then, it all became comforting in a matter of moments. Right now, it feels as if we have met for the first time.”

“It was a Roller coaster ride!”

“All I want is to start it again. This time, never wanting it to come to a halt till I have taken my last breath”

“You never enjoy a Roller coaster ride after the first time. You always know what is about to come.”


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Is a perfect love story too much to ask for? But then, love stories aren’t perfect.

Oh, the dilemma.

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