A change…

23 Oct

So much for caring about people and listening to them…

So much for spending nights to somehow make them feel better…

So much for giving up on personal matters just to be there when they thought they needed you…

So much for loading someone with confidence….

All of that, for only to be taken for granted. For only to be disappointed by realising the fact that all your efforts had no effect whatsoever. For only to realise that you were only present there as a journal where all those sorrows were written with a faith that they’ll be safe there, hidden from someone else. For only to realise that you were used as a time pass.

May be this is the moment when the all important change in life happens. May be its time when I have turn into an asshole and not give a shit about others. May be its time when all I have to do is to be self centered. May be its time to give up on all that caring about people’s emotions and an emotionless bastard. May be its finally time to be a badass.

Because, there’s a limit for everything. There’s a limit for expectations. There’s an effin’ limit of being let down, picking yourself up and only to be drowned much more into shit, every effing time. But the biggest hurdle is that when the people will come asking as to what has happened (again, I’m expecting!), all I’d be able to say is “Nahin yaar. buss aiwaen emotions. Chhoro. Tum sunao halaat behtar huay?”

To sum up my life inside 140 characters,

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