Nature trolls…

09 Dec

Yet another time there were hopes and plans were made and believed to be successfully executed but at the end of the day, mother nature and fate has the last laugh.

Yet another time he is left stranded and unnoticed. All he did was to give himself courage every single night but never woke up from the fantasies.

All he wanted from himself was just one act of bravery and tell the girl about what he has been feeling for an year now. Just as he became courageous enough to confess, the girl is about to be someone else’s. Guess these love stories are only part of books or movies.

Contrary to that, he is firm believer of what happens, happens for a reason. He tried to realise what did he do to deserve this, each and every time. May be this is why.

And while he was down and wanting to just finish every thing up and get done with the disappointments, there comes a ray of light, out of nowhere. It is, as if the nature has had its share of laugh for trolling you and now it feels bad so it sends you some thing to cheer up and get back to normal.

You are damn lucky if you have such friends in your life. Never ever lose this precious gift because no matter what, they will always be there, specially for your hard times.

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