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Hi. Remember me?

Well… To be truly honest, I know, no one gives a crap about it. Personally, it feels like ages since I wrote last time. Let me guess what it was. Tale of the crush? That kayoot one? Well, the update is that it was yet another strange crush. Man, she is so damn small (while in front of my huge being). I feel like a pedo when I re-think about crushing over her. Such a bad crushing taste I have!

So, the point is, I have been employed for more than a month now. Yeah, finally. Not your staying-up-all-night-wasting-time-on-tweeting-lyrics-and-trolling-and-then-blaming-insomnia-asshole now. Talking about achievements of it, I hardly keep myself up till 2 now. I haven’t entered home before 11 PM for 2 weeks now oh and the best of them all, worked till 11 on a Saturday. Such a wonderful life! 🙂

Back to my usual rants now. Why the fuck do I have to develop a crush exactly when classes are about to finish and there is a shit load to study?! Anyways, I haven’t been that scared shit like before. I asked for her number in last class and well, “personal issues.” LOL. Not new to this shit.

Meanwhile, life hit a couple of new lows too. Got the axe of ultimate friend-zone I never expected from and it’s such a strong friend-zone that the only way from here could only be bro-zone. Talking about bro-zone, here is the second low.

Have a great weekend, peeps ❤

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