17 Jun

It all started with that one article. I was astonished by the brilliance of her at such a tender age, compared to me. I must say that I did learn a thing or two from her about writing. What followed was way more beautiful.

I have always wished to have a younger sister. Even though I usually complain about being the resident of bro-zone, I did get a wonderful person in form of my non-biological sister. I kept on trolling her when I knew she’ll have no defense. I lied to her sometimes about being with girls, just to enjoy her being jealous and the following fight after it, her being pissed for a day. Her mood swings, randomly being low or sometimes being too high. My life seemed to be incomplete without them. I hated sometimes when she woke me up very early morning because she was bored but, on the other hand, there was this belief that there is someone who thinks about me whenever she is in trouble or having a bad day.

We only talked via texts or whatsapp. The only time we heard each other’s voice was when I taught her some Mathematics over Skype. I’d use a daily package and subscribe it again on some days because I never got tired of talking to her. I hated her when she cried over very little things.

I did know that there might be end to it one day but maybe I was mistaken to ignore it and let the things roll as they were. At exam times, I became the much more enhanced version of the asshole that I am and completely ignored her. On the other hand, her college started and she got new best friends. I do realize where I made mistakes but I guess it was too late. Sadly, it has come to the point where she doesn’t know what to talk about with me any more. Guess it should be the final nail…

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  1. DK

    July 27, 2014 at 3:45 AM

    Did u try getting back to where you two were?


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