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It’s over. Finally.

5 long years it took me. Yeah, many will be surprised. As for “thegr3atpanner” that I am, it never really went according to the plan. Initially, I had planned to take it smoothly along the line but I had to waste a year of my life and most importantly, mind over someone who didn’t even deserve a look from me.

Coming from an engineering background, I never got to know how and why I picked up an entirely different field to base my career on. I did move along to it. Always with those high expectations attached to me by the people failed to differ with the professional academics and school academics.

It began. Meeting new people every 6 months, roaming around various institutes. Sitting at the extreme back of every class that I took and eventually, bidding a silent farewell to those people. A month before exams, turning Dolmen Mall’s food court into my library.

For the last two years, it was just a series of heart breaks every 6 months. Deserved for first half, totally undeserved for the rest. There came a point where I had absolutely given up but a much more shit attitude of one of my teachers had me all motivated and that finally resulted in my favour.

The journey had many ups and downs. Questioned a teacher’s qualification once… On the same day, told another one that he is just wrapping it up rather than literally teaching. (they still give my examples of being the one to dare ask teacher’s qualification status). Met one person who now comes before any one else to me. To be honest, I never really cared to find a friend after him. All I had was classmates till the exams finish. New session. New people.

This last session, I made sure I make full use of it. Got along a bunch of people and successfully managed to get myself loathed by a person. I’ll do that to you too if you ever question my eating!

Bottomline, I’d have taken a lesser time if I had been serious on a couple of occasions during this journey. But, with this, the belief has grown much more stronger that whatever happens to you, it has a goddamn awesome reason behind it and your just have to explore it. For last 2 years, I had planned to celebrate this day with a Stuffed Crust Afghani Tikka Pizza, consisting of extra toppings of cheese and meat. I sure as hell am going to give it a go in couple of days.

2 weeks before I turn 24, Alhumdulillah, I have a job, a Bachelor’s degree and an International accountancy body certification. Achievement or under-achievement?

p.s. Time to update that CV too! Yeah, AFFILIATES do get those little benefits đŸ˜‰

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