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It goes back to about more than a decade I guess.. That one exchange of currency changed everything. Let me confess it tonight, I didn’t like her before that.. Our lives moved and then internet happened in my life. That God for that O Levels computer project.

She is my first ever Facebook friend. She is my first ever female best friend (more than 5 years but she still won’t accept). She is the one who introduced me to blogging. She is the one who handled me at my most boring self. She has actually taught me how to get along with people. The art of developing conversations. Her tries of telling me how to flirt. Our random convos over MSN where I’d copy tweets from the facts accounts and then discuss according to our lives. She helped me move along my darkest days. Even though she never intended to, but she listened to me.

Best of the lot, our fights. Actually, I did sometimes on purpose. Just to piss her off. I have this thing to try and look for opportunities to troll her every time. Random moments when I recall her some events and thanks to her brilliant memory, she is completely astonished to hear them. She hardly ever shared anything about her and that’s the reason she gave me to never call her my bestfriend. I have always told her that I know her completely and she always denies. Here I am saying it again, I do know you. Just wait for the day I tell all that to you.

She has been a teacher, a mentor, a friend, an enemy, almost everything. We fought and removed each other off Facebook. She added me back on a condition that I’ll never post more than once on her wall every day or else I’ll be blocked. I did a prank her once and went all emo bwoy to tell her how much I love her. She fell for it. It took me more than a month to make it up to her.

There’s more. So much more. But I’m lost at words. We only have one thing in common. We love “Woh Pehli Baar” song. She’d still say that she doesn’t love it as much as I do.

HAPPY DEFENSE DAY, RABBIT! (Too predictable, I know. Gotta keep up with the tradition :p)

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