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Note: This post will contains lots of swear words.

So, as the title suggests.  I have about only 10 minutes before clock strikes 12 in the current timezone of this manhus person of my life and this asshole becomes much more older. Saala kunwaara buddha.

More than 7 years now that we have known each other for. It all started with some sports discussions. At first, I thought he is a chutya all because of his burger cum foreigner urdu accent and the way he talked about things. Never believed this asshole is so much older than me. (Kutta is also cursing at me while reading these lines. Do whatever you want :*). After being left with no friends whatsoever, gotta say this has to be the best thing that happened to me.

He was a man of many talents, just trying to be fit in this city. Guitarist, lyricist, footballer, gamer, accountant, and what not. Chain smoker too. Bh****. Always hated and will hate him for this. We developed a crush on same girl before this asshole moved out of it and made me suffer huge financial losses. We sang Atif’s songs outside a girl’s school. Asshole tried to be gay on me on our first picnic together.

There are many, many more things to write out there and he will whine about each and every thing about why did I put it out and that it will not give a good impression of him. Kuttay k bachay, remember I wasted my whole eidi on your girlfriend! talking about girlfriend, we got our hearts broken on the same day.

In all honesty, he is one of the reasons for the person that I am today. One of his lines has made me score girls and still will. I have that line patented. I don;t seriously need a girlfriend in my life till he is there. He’ll argue with me every couple of weeks, whine like a bitch and then we’ll laugh at our past fuck ups or some ahemnaas.

Okay. That’s enough. Because I had written Birthday posts for another of my couple of friends, I was emotionally blackmailed into writing this one. See, I don’t need a GF entirely.


p.s. Ziada harkat kari tou you know about Lalukhet ka ganwaar 🙂

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