A tale of love

14 Mar

“Though she tries but she can’t hide, all her joy wrapped up inside..

She can’t wait to reveal, and tell you how she feels…”

It was ringing in his ears as he tried his best to concentrate on the words coming out of her mouth. May be it was the last time he would hear her voice. The voice which had been his most favourite music ever since he heard her for the first time. The voice he thought would sing him lullabies in his insomniac nights. It was slowly fading away.

She tried to reach him. Tell him how much he means to her, for all he had done for her. She remembered him telling her how much he loved her, only to shrug it off with a laugh. It was like his all other jokes to her, only an assurance that he’ll be there by her side on her worst day. He stepped back, because he knew that even her scent would shatter this rock into gravel millet.

She was shocked but the thought of her journey ahead overcame it within moments. She gave one last confused stare and turned. As she had taken the first step, the cold and and trembling hand got hold of hers. She looked petrified but tried to shrug it off. He held her hand more tightly, looking into her eyes. But she couldn’t. She realised the mistake she had committed but it was too late now. She had her head hanging, somehow trying to make him let her hand loose. He got closer, with tears stocking up. “I can’t”, she mumbled. “Look me in the eye and say it again”, he said in his usual soft tone, the tone which had calmed her in the worst of moments.

She broke down. She had wanted to hug him there for entirety but it was all too late. She shrugged off her hand hardly and ran off. With a trembling voice, he called her, her favorite nickname.. She halted and turned, to look at tears rolling down his cheeks. “I was darkness’ favorite son till you brought the sunshine to my life. As you leave now, I’ll only be stranded, in this sunlight, which will be darker than the darkness itself”, and the rivers were flowing down from both of them. “I love you”, and a stream of tears flowed.

“I love you and I can’t force you to be here with me. Just know that I’ll be here, waiting for you, for a new dawn of my life.” All he had left were infinite tears after it. He couldn’t look at her. She went up to him and wiped off his tears. “Please don’t cry. I’d never want to see those”, but tears stocked up on her again. “May you get someone worthy real soon and may you fall for her more than you ever fell for me”. His hands were soaked up in her tears. “I’m sorry, I didn’t have any other choice”, she said while backing off from him.

There was suddenly a smile on his face. He realised he had promised to never make her cry because of him. He could have stayed strong and all the joy she had, it would have never worn off. “I love you and I’ll never fall for anyone else because that would be utterly disrespectful to you. I had sworn upon my life that I’ll never do that to you. Just know that if you ever need me, You’ll find me right here.” A silence but it spoke billions of words in their heads. “Now go before I break down again. I want you to leave me smiling.” Her face in her palms, she turned and ran off. Just as her last bit of vision had gone from his eyes, the heavens started crying with him too…

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