16 Feb

This is dedicated to someone very special and very very close to my heart. You know who you are!

“You know you have brought out this person from within me. I don’t think any one else would have that impact on me. I didn’t even know I could use the words to bring out the feelings that you have incorporated in me. For a person who used to copy essays from solved booklets so that he can pass with reasonable marks, the transformation to use the most complex of words and mix them into something coming from the depth of my heart, there could not have been a much beautiful inspiration as you.

I got to know you when I had almost reached the end of a dark pit. Clinging to you, I have brought myself up again. Your voice is the music which charges me up everyday and gets me going. My day doesn’t start until I hear “morning” in your raspy voice. Your words fill me up more than anything else would. Your smile is the reason I look forward to live another day. When you’re happy, everything grooves and dances with your every smile and laughter. When you flip your hair, it feels like the first breeze after a hot day. Your warmth feels like the first ray of sunlight after a cold, dark night. Those little moments, filled with your sparkling smile and scintillating laughter, they are worth wiping off a lifetime of sorrows.

I can’t see you sad. When you’re down. it feels like everything has lost its purpose of existence. Only you matter in that moment. When you’re down, I wish to be there with you and soak it all up. A tear from your eye and I wish to strangle every breath out of the person who caused it. The pearls that drop off your eyes, even half of them is worth more than the life of the person who caused it.

I may not understand you at times. That’s because I am an ordinary person and unlike me, you’re like poetry. Every time I read, I find something new, something different.  Poetries aren’t supposed to be simple. They’re meant to be deciphered. I ask you to assist me in understanding so we can move forward without any misunderstandings. We will still have our arguments and little fights but that is the essence of it. We have come through the baddest of fights and I believe we will continue to come through it. Agar tum saath ho!

You are a gem that is hidden deep down in caves. You are a pearl hidden in the hardest of shells. Your eyes.. They send out invitation to look deep into them and explore your beautiful soul. Your cheeks. They are as flawless as silk. Your wit and sharpness.. I can rarely match it. You are one of the prettiest of human beings I have seen and you possess and equally gorgeous heart.

On a perfect spring day, I wish to take you to the longest of drives, humming our favourite songs. I wish to dine with you and hear all the stories that you have kept up with yourself. I wish we walk along the beach, reliving the moments we have had. I wish for moments where we keep talking and talking and when you’re too tired, you rest on my shoulder and sleep.

I know this has become way too cheesy but I have put out whatever I had in this moment for you. I won’t leave you even if I have to defy the inevitable for it. And when it takes you with it, I’ll just hold on to your hand and lie down with you. You’ll be seeing me besides you in a few moments….”

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