20 May

“I’m not beautiful”, you said one day. I wish you realise how much beautiful you are because you will probably not take my word seriously for it. From your physical attributes to the person that you are, I could go on all day to explain all day how much beautiful you are and it’d still be not enough.

Have you ever seen your hair flowing with the air? Have you ever realised how much adorable your smile is? You’re tall, you’re hot, you’re smart, you’re witty, you have brains, you have an exceptional sense of humour, your big eyes, those expressions of yours when you like something that you have done, and the cutest of all, the little dimple that you get. I could go on and on but I will save something for later.

I have mad respect for you because of the way you have lived your life till now, overcoming every hardship life had to throw at you. You stayed true to the name you have been given, showing the world that nothing can put you down. Despite all the shit, you have pulled yourself through and conquered. Damn you, girl!! I wish I had an even inch of the courage you have.

I thought I had known you almost completely but since this past week, it feels like I have only known a glimpse of you. You are so much more than you look. There’s so much more to explore about you, to understand you and I know that is much more awesome than what I had already known. I wish to know more of your passionate side and all that is still classified.

I am lucky enough to be the person you share your things with easily. I think I have done probably some good things in my life that I was rewarded with getting to know you. I look at your smiling avi first up in morning because it charges me up like nothing else. Till the moment you send me “moorninngg”, I don’t feel like doing anything. And when it’s just a simple “Morning”, my heart immediately starts to race and to get to the depth of the thing that has caused you to be upset. Nothing seems to work when you’re down. I want to try all I can in that moment to know what’s disturbing you. I know I am so annoying at that moment when I keep asking you what has happened but I just can’t help it. In that moment, I just want to squeeze in all that sadness from you.

I have mad respect for you, Paglee, and I can’t ever bring myself to take it for granted. I will seriously hurt myself from the guilt if it is ever tarnished. I know the limits and boundaries that we have and I swear it to you, I’m never crossing those. And I know it for instance that if I ever get carried away, you’ll halt me right there.

I fear losing you and this bond that we share. I have totally dedicated myself for you and your happiness. I can’t think of pulling out from it now. You are everything I have now apart from my career. I don’t ever want to lose this awesome-azing person from my life.

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