03 Aug

Right from the moment she was born, she was a special girl. She was named after the title of one of the most strongest and intelligent women to ever live on this planet. It literally translates to being “Great”. Indeed she was and is great. Nature chose it specifically for her. The name was then accompanied by another great name. The one of the leader of women in paradise. Safe to say, she was God’s chosen one.

When He chooses, He tests the chosen one as well. More than He does any one else. She had it going tough as she gained her senses. She stayed put. She had her support besides her all the time. The greatest gift from Him. Her mother. Despite everything around her, she moved on. The characteristics provided to her by those names she possessed, they polished day by day. She grew up fighting all those demons around her, on her own. They got worse year by year. She kept fighting them. She kept emerging victorious.

Then came a time when she got tired of it all. She didn’t have much left in her to fight. She was taken down. Demons all over her. Even her support system did not work. All that work of demons for these 26 years had finally taken her down. She resisted but she lacked courage this time.

This is her biggest and possibly the final test. As much as I know her, she will fight this too. She will beat this. She will put this one behind and this time, for good. She will leave no paths open to let those demons enter her life again. One last fight. One last effort. She will rise. The warrior in her will rise. With more intensity than ever before. Everything will be banished now. She is rising and the days for these demons are numbered. After all, she is the chosen one and demons can never take over them.

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Posted by on August 3, 2016 in Random


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