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A kid I love

A kid lives inside her mature self. The kid who would gloat at the first gush of Petrichor. The kid who will jump and sing and dance in the rain. The kid who will get scared of cats and small animals. The kid who’d scream her lungs out of excitement as the water touches her on the shore. The kid who is afraid of tiniest of things. The kid who lives her life like she wants to, despite the situations not favouring her at times. The kid you’d want to pull cheeks off because she’s just too cute at times. The kid whose smile is the most shining. The smile that would make you forget everything else and just admire it. The kid who is loved and adored. The kid who will never share what is hers with anyone else. The kid who wants to live the life to fullest. The kid who is the shyest. The kid who is pure. I fell in love with the kid. The adult fell in love with me.

The circumstances and responsibilities put that kid into hibernation. The clouds of hardship surrounded and followed her. She would wake up as it rained or a joyous event happened but it was short lived. I have got to know her from her adult state to the kid that is resting inside her. I have witnessed both of them and I bow down to her for her awesomeness.

You can never bet against her resiliance. She stays true to her name. Greatness personified. The adult version is compact. She has wits that will leave you spellbound. Her sense of humour will make you appreciate how cool she is. All this while fulfilling her responsibilities amd taking care of herself and her family.

I feel so lucky to know both the kid and the adult, deep down. She can be a badass and a soft, emotional, little fearful kid. She is pure and her love is pure. I love her more than anyone elss and I can proudly state that she is all mine.

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