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Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal 28/8/2011 All goals

I just don’t want to praise the English FA. I waited for four hours for my video to be uploaded, wrote that I have no intentions to infringe any copyrights but it was blocked soon as it completed processing :@

Here it is now, enjoy the goals.

1. Danny Welbeck makes it 1.0 after a beautiful chip from Anderson

There was no stopping after the first goal. Ashley Young scores his first goal in United colours, and what a beauty that was ❤

Wayne Rooney started the match on 149 goals for United. What a way to bring up the 150th.

Arsenal got one back on the brink of half time through Theo Walcott. I think De Gea should have done better with this one.
At the half time, Arsenal would have thought that they are back in the game but United started the second half in the same way they did the first. if the first one from Rooney was good, this was the best.

Nani made it 5 with a sublime finish.
Its United vs Arsenal, how could Park Ji Sung miss the net? He gets his customary goal against Arsenal too.

After 6, Robin Van Persie got one back as a consolation and as a sympathy for his penalty miss.

But it was Rooney’s day, and he completed his hattrick in style !!!
To put the final nail in Arsenal’s coffin, Ashley Young ended the afternoon as he started it, in sheer style. 

p.s. I hope no one blocks them here, spent almost 6 hours for them to edit first and then upload.
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Defining Glory Hunter !!

Last week, the early hours of  Thursday were so bad for a Manchester United supporter. After winning a Champions League and playing in two finals in 6 years, United were knocked out from the competition after the matches for group stages were completed which was never thought after looking at their recent domestic and European form and were relegated to the second tier Europa League, regarded as Mickey Mouse league or you can call it with any other name, but the worst part were the glory hunters who came out of their shadow and started swearing at the players and the man who has been in charge for 25 years now.

That is a life of a Glory Hunter.

Let me define a glory hunter first. A glory hunter is the person who does not know a single thing about the ‘beautiful game’ and starts supporting a team that has been consistently winning major honours. And when the team lose, as United lost last week, they show their true colours.

Speaking of a United fan, the first thing they say is ‘Its all Glazer’s fault, LUHG.’ No dude, its not the Glazer’s fault. I hate them like all other fans because they are the reason why we have so much of debt upon the club but they are not the one who are playing on the field. They gave Sir Alex as much as he wanted to pay for the player in summer and we bought them.

Next up, I don’t remember last time we signed a big player. United never bought a big player, it made them big. Playing for United has been a highlight for their career. You say about Ronaldo, it was United and Sir Alex who made Ronaldo what he is today and here’s a proof of what Sir Alex said about him the first time we played against Ronaldo.
 “After we played Sporting last week, the lads in the dressing room talked about him constantly, and on the plane back from the game they urged me to sign him. That’s how highly they rated him.”

Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, we made them all, we didn’t buy them. The one’s who buy big players can only buy trophies by spending millions of money, we win them by developing our youth. The class of 92 is the greatest example of it !!

No.3, Fergie’s tactics are useless, the man in senile. Out with Fergie.” For your information, that man has been there for the past 25 years and has won 12 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 2 Champions League, 6 Community shields, 4 League Cups, FIFA Club World Cup including a treble and became the first manager to complete a hattrick of Premier League titles. It was his tactics because of that we beat Arsenal 8-2 earlier in the season. I know he got wrong with the City one, but it doesn’t mean he should quit now. He knocked Liverpool off their f**king perch and now he’ll show City that money can’t buy everything. Long live Sir Alex Ferguson 🙂

I cannot watch this any more: That’s where the glory hunter starts to reveal. As a United supporter, we always believe that anything can happen in the dying minutes aka FERGIE TIME because of the United’s ‘never say die’ attitude. Even the match against City, I didn’t turn off my TV or change the channel. It was frustrating to watch but I love every single minute that my team plays.

I’ve always loved the way Barca/Real play: The glory hunter has completely revealed himself when he says that. Barcelona and Real Madrid are no doubt great teams, but the Spanish La Liga is not much competitive and physical as the Premier League. The competition is only between these two teams and because of their winning, a glory hunter is always pleased to watch them play and eventually at the end, the Glory hunter turns his loyalty to the team that has been consistently winning. The cycle starts again when United is back on winning terms.

It hurts to say this glory hunters, but the fans who have been supporting Liverpool and Man City since ages, they are much better than you. They have a belief that one day their team will win.

Enough with the glory hunters, there are some fans who call themselves TRUE FANS because they go to Old Trafford to watch there. You have every right to criticise United about their play because you work your ass off and pay to watch them there but we, living abroad, are as much passionate as you are. We leave all our work, fight with siblings and cancel our plans to sit and watch the match. Even where the time difference is too much, we sit whole night and watch every minute our team plays.

Scousers, don’t be happy by reading the lines above, here’s something that you’d always hate to read


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Manchester United Greatest Ever comebacks

Continuing with my last blog, Manchester United are remembered for their ‘Never Say Die’ attitude. There are thousands of videos on YouTube of Manchester United’s comebacks over the years, here I have decided to share what in my opinion, are the best ever comebacks in MUFC’s history.

5. Manchester United vs. Tottenham 2009 (at Old Trafford)
In the first half, United were down 2.0 after goals from Darren Bent and Luka Modric. What happened next, just watch it !!!

4. Tottenham vs. Manchester United  2001 (at White Hart Lane)
It was way before the last one and that too on Spurs’ home. United were down 3.0 at the half time but they never gave up on their ‘Never Say Die’ attitude.

3. Manchester United vs. Arsenal 1999 (Fa Cup Semifinal replay)
After the first tie was drawn 0.0 after 120 minutes of play, United came into the second leg with an aim for victory and to continue towards their quest for the treble, but it wasn’t as easy as it was thought.

2. Manchester United vs. Juventus 1999 Champions League Semi Final, 2nd leg
After a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford United traveled to Turin needing a win to see their way into the final. As always, it was not easy for United. They were down 2.0 after just 11 minutes in the game. Captain Roy Keane, who had received his Yellow card that had banned him from competing in the next match, gave his one of the best performance in the Red shirt.

1. Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich 1999 Champions League Final at Nou Camp

They say, ‘Leave the best till the last’. Having won the League and FA Cup in 1999, there was only one match between united and the Treble but as said earlier, they never do it the easy way. I’ll not describe what happened, the commentary tells everything about it

To wrap it up, here’s a famous quote from Sir Alex Ferguson after the 1999 final. “Football, bloody hell !!!”

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