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The calamity that was 2013… The resurgence that was 2014… I have always been a firm believer of whatever happens, nature has very strong reasons behind it and it pays you back at a designated time for it. 2015 in almost every other moment, made that belief stronger and stronger.

It began with the resurgent effects of 2014 still in place, but they had been overtaken by a ray of hope and happiness in the form of a person. For me, there was something strange from the moment we started interacting and it got stronger day by day, putting a stamp on it when I was about to fly for Dubai. For all the emotional desires that had been mentioned in many previous posts, they were getting fulfilled. Again, there’s a time for everything.

It was a really happening year. Travels, injuries, personal development, friendships, losses, cruel realisations, reunions, almost everything. I traveled more than I had in the entire 24 years of my life. Dubai at the beginning of the year. Those 3 days were nothing more than exceptional. I discovered what real partying is. Danced my heart/mind/ass/everything out without thinking about anyone’s judgement on my graduation night.

In August, set out on a journey to the north of Pakistan. I wanted to write a travel diary too but this block had me. I am still not getting the same feels I used to have while writing. This is turning into one boring post I know. Anyway, the travel was all sorts of awesomeness. The journey through the mountains, I’m not going to forget it.

Another year, another injury. Spent at least couple of months on bed, resulting in a much more increased belly size. Moved out of the place I had come as a 6 month old. All the friends and foes were left there. Now here I am at this new place, a corporate slave who leaves home at 10, comes back at 10 (if early). No “mohalla” life that I used to have.

The crux of it all, the passed year, revolves around that someone mentioned above. As we interacted more and more, the fights and arguments grew. I had started to write again. Now if I go back to those posts of the last year, I am astonished that I was the one who wrote them. Such has been the influence. The influence has not been limited to writing only. It has gotten to me as a person. I am no longer the pervert or careless persona I had adopted. I am getting back to what I was. This is all because of the respect I have for that person. I was told I am worth breaking rules for. Let me tell you that you are worth breaching airport security protocols for!

Here’s to much more positivity in this new year. So much more to achieve in life and if we keep thinking about what has happened before, we will never muster enough courage to look forward and put all that behind us. There are cruel realities attached to us but life goes on. It doesn’t stop there. It screams at you to use that cruelty as a motivating factor and show that cruelty that you won’t be taken down that easily. Try to cherish and enjoy each and every moment life has to offer because the day you will be lying on that bed, full of wrinkles and thinking about all the life you had passed, you should keep smiling of all the memories that you have created, rather than regretting for not doing something you had dearly wanted. Smile. It is nature’s bestest gift to you.

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More shattered dreams

Another restless night, full of consistently thumping heart and nightmares. Another morning filled with fear. Another failure. Another disappointment. Another series of shattered dreams. Another wait for the plans to be executed. Another half year of hopelessness. Another ambition,  never to be followed. Another moment of realisation that this will be temporary. Another vow to move on and make things right. Desperate attempts to pass this another frustrated day silently.

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Looking forward

New year. New challenges. New ambitions. New plans. Same old boredom. Same old being up all night and blakly staringat the screen, striving to get Retweets. Same old routine of sitting in front of this screen, looking at people getting on with their lives. Some too lucky to be travelling around the world, week in week out. Some moaning Mondays regularly. Then, here I am, quietly cursing at the life and what is has to offer me right now. Looking to just sit here and bring a smile to anyone who has been in trouble. Mostly due to the heart and the desire to have someone of opposite sex much much caring and understanding than their parents.

Although I have put behind the last year, there is a huge pool of things that are planned but as of this moment, it feels like this pool has been poisoned by infinite dungue viruses and evey plan is starting to be effected.

On a serious note, here’s to another year of promises with an extra effort to honor them. Another year of striving for success and being man up to achieve them. Another year of seeing new dreams and creating new plans. Another year of cutting short on perviness. Another year to fulfill those promises of last year. Another year to improve the leg spin bowling and not conceding a six in every over. Another year to give more time to Mazda Diaries and these new ventures floating across the mind. Here’s to a new year of success and happiness.

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In search of melons…

Another dream. Another plan. Another thought. Another cherished moment. Yet again faces the fate. Just another bite of dust. This time, it’s full of pebbles which has cracked everything inside.

Life had been cheerful if the quest for melons hadn’t been taken upon. In search of melons, it only replied by providing the lemons. Tried to counter those lemons by being a hard prick and squeezing them into lemonade but now, the lemonade has started to rot the throat. As I am left here stranded and weakened by the lemons, there comes more and more and I’m getting stacked under them all.

Strive for the smaller things in life, big moments are only enjoyable while seen with closed eyes.

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Dream or nightmare?

Out of everyone’s sight, they were busy in their own. Catching each other, having little fights, cuddling, all this was happening on an unexpected picnic. While resting his head on her lap, he was thinking about if he can pause this moment forever. He had never thought this would happen. He was there, enjoying his moment with the girl he wanted to spend every second of his life with. While he was lost in his moment, she taunted at him jokingly for the cheap phone he had in his hands. He stood up suddenly, searching for his new smartphone he has hidden from her to give her a surprise. In excitement, he brought someone else’s phone. She could never stop laughing at him. In humiliation, he returned to fetch his phone asap. He found it. Just as he was about to show it to her…..

He was lying facedown on the pillow, with his phone clutched hard. For a couple of minutes, he wasn’t able to figure out what has happened. Just as he realised, he was cursing himself for what he has experienced. It was after months that he had slept for long peacefully and he did not want to wake up like this. He shook his head in disbelief every time he closed his eyes and the lap scene revolved in his mind. He asked himself how could this happen. Out of everyone, it was the person he hates the most.

He just had this one question in his mind whole day. Will you call it a dream or a nightmare when you see yourself hanging out happily with the person you hate the most?

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