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Misery, let’s party

You pick yourself up one last time with that enlightening support beside you. Despite being thrashed and abandoned, you get up and hold on to that support. Despite your past pulling you back into misery, you grab on to that support. You come out of it. You see the demons being left behind. You arrogantly wave them goodbye because you know it’s all bright ahead of you, and you continue walking. You hold that support tightly, hug it and move along it. You lose it occasionally but you never let go of it. You see your future settled. You reach the halfway mark of your destination. You wait for the support to pull you further. Just as you lift your step, you’re pushed back to where it started from. Misery has its arms wide open to squeeze you in. You make one last ditch effort to repel the force. You’re helped into the misery by the support itself. It has turned into a shadow darker than the demons you left behind. You can’t help but turn towards misery. Smiling and embracing it totally. Misery, let’s get the party started.

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Book Review: Misery by Stephen King

Book Review: Misery by Stephen King

Annie Wilkes -noun: A crazy ass bitch who will go to any extent to harm the person who has depressed her.

Wow. The book is a beauty. A perfect novel with a perfect plot, suspense, brutality, unexpectedness, thrill, it has everything. A nurse who has found her favorite writer in a wrecked state, brings him home rather than taking him to hospital, treats him with dope, makes him burn his manuscript which he thought will prove to be a bestseller and then makes him write a book for herself only, because he had killed her favorite character in the previous novel. She is crazy, stubborn, strong and as much as one would hate to say, SMART. She is Annie Wilkes and this is what she can do to you if you depress her.


So all you cockadoodie brats, who have not yet read this book, do it as soon as possible or else, you’ll find a wife or a best friend like Annie Wilkes.

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